BillTracker in Review – Useful Little App


With the power of mobile phones increasing by the day, a lot of manual note taking or task tracking has been shifted from traditional paper-based notepads to the mobile phone. The biggest reason, I think, is because any modern person cannot leave home without their mobile phone; combining the phone with other daily tracking functions is the next logical step. This is where BillTracker comes in.

Features of BillTracker:

  • Track information about each bill including due date, amount due, whether the bill has been paid, confirmation numbers for payments and more.
  • Easily create recurring bills!
  • Track account information including account numbers, websites, and phone numbers
  • Call account phone numbers directly from BillTracker or open account websites in Mobile Safari
  • Protect your data with a passcode
  • Due Date Reminders. BillTracker alerts you when a bill is due soon or past due and highlights those bills in the list so you won’t forget.
  • See complete history for each account: every bill and payment!
  • Use the currency format of your choice: BillTracker automatically uses the default currency set for your device.

This is a little application that the user can use to keep track of bills, alerting the user when a bill is due, and then reminded the user of the amount to be paid.

For its intended purpose, it does its job quite well. Simple in design, BillTracker allows the user to carry all information regarding pending bills with him/her at all times and to be alerted immediately should a bill be overdue. The interface for inputting all this information is very simple and intuitive and alerts are intrusive enough to get your attention, but not too intrusive that it affects your interaction with the iPhone/ iPod Touch.

Should someone wish to track a particular bill or group of bills, he/she needs to first add the account of the bills to be paid and details such as Name, Account Number, Phone Number and Website. Once that’s done, the user can then add the details of that particular bill, including Due Date, Amount and any particular notes. With this, the app will then track the dates and amounts to be paid automatically. This is achieved via buttons on the Icon in the Home Screen, as well as alerts when loading the application.

review-finance-billtracker-01 review-finance-billtracker-03

Onto the usefulness of this application; I personally don’t have a use for this because I have set all my bills to be paid via my credit card, and my credit card bill will be paid automatically via my savings account. Hence I don’t really know when my bills are paid because every step is automatic. However, I know of other people that might need such an application. Some of my friends in other countries don’t have the infrastructure or services from banks to achieve such a seamless process of bills, so this app really can help such users. The simple user interface makes BillTracker exceptionally easy to use. I honestly can’t find any major faults with this app; it does its job with ease. That being said, this is also its biggest disadvantage; the program isn’t that spectacular. It does its job well, nothing more. It has no function that is really value adding. I’m sure other smart phone users use their calendar alerts to replicate its function; it’s just that the application makes it easier, hence the Tap It rating.


App Summary
Title: BillTracker (v 1.2) Developer: Kelly Beck
Price: $3.99 App Size: 0.4 MB
  • Simple interface
  • The alerts of the application is not too intrusive
  • All bills in one place
  • Easy organization
  • Interface rather bland looking


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