Submarine in Review – Launch the Torpedoes!

submarine1Hey there, sailor! Take control of this state-of-the-art submarine as you steer around obstacles and battle against enemy forces. Submarine is an action packed, side scrolling, underwater game fit for any adventurer.

The first thing I noticed was the crisp 3D graphics of Submarine. There are no pixilated images at all, and there are cool effects like realistic, shimmering water. The animations work well too, with smooth transitions for explosions and your sub easily cuts through the water.


The submarines, weapons, explosions, and other effects are all great; however, the background is plain and doesn’t ever change. The rock and ice barriers on the top and bottom seem out of place and the only scene you ever see is a plain blue canvas behind you, with the light effects of course. If these visuals were brought up to par with the rest of the game then Submarine would truly be an extremely pretty app. I’d also like easy to read instructions as the text is just too small and a bit blurry.

To go along with the graphics, the sound effects and music are also well done. The music is pretty catchy, if a bit repetitive and annoying at times, but it does create a lighthearted and fast paced mood to the game in which the other sound effects also fit well.


Now for what you’ve all been waiting for: the actual game! You guide your submarine either by tilting the device left and right to bring it up and down, or you can use touch controls à la iCopter. The accelerometer controls are basically flawless, with an option to adjust the sensitivity as you wish. They are smooth, responsive, and generally just work great. However, the touch controls need serious work. Sometimes, accelerometer controls just don’t work. For example, when you’re on the bus good touch controls should be an alternative. However, they are seriously lacking, as it is guide your sub accurately and the controls are too sluggish to do so with any precision.

In some of the game modes you can speed up/slow down, and fire different weapons. You can adjust your speed by tapping the right side of the screen to accelerate, and the left side to decelerate, while there are on-screen icons that you can use to fire your weapons. These controls were responsive, and I never had trouble accessing them. You can also earn power ups like shields, bonus points, and extra armaments.


There are 3 game modes in Submarine. There’s Classic Mode, where you are unarmed and have to dodge all the obstacles coming your way. There’s Battle Mode, where you are able to fight back, but then enemy forces appear. And finally there’s Admiral Mode, where you have to reach the end before time runs out. In this you have the option to adjust your speed. The 3 game modes are different enough that you’ll want to play each one through all 15 levels apiece.

As far as replay value goes, the 3 modes will last a while. However, I thought it was curious that while your scores are tracked, there’s no high score list of any kind. I just get a feeling that after beating the entire game there’s just not that much to go back and do.

Overall Submarine is a well detailed game perfect for picking up and playing for a few minutes at a time. However, a few additional updates and fixes will bring it to the next level.

Submarine gets tapped by Touch My Apps.


App Summary
Title: Submarine (v2.0.5) Developer: Brisk Mobile Inc
Price: $1.99 App Size: 6.7 MB
  • Graphics and sound are crisp
  • Accelerometer works smoothly
  • Great for casual play
  • Can get repetitive
  • Touch controls need work
  • No high score list?
  • Backgrounds need more variety



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