Say Goodbye To that Annoying Snoring Habit: Antisnore App to the Rescue!


I will admit to having an annoying habit. Sometimes, I talk with my mouth full. I am getting better, but my wife thinks that I need a lesson in manners. Fortunately, I am not a slob who snores whilst asleep (that is a lie). Published by Signs Studios, Antisnore aims to stop snoring using vibrations when it detects that your nocturnal noises have slipped above acceptable levels.

According to the marketing literature, Antisnore is not supposed to wake you, but give you a subconscious ‘nudge’ to roll over and shut up. So far, so good except that the iPhone must be strapped to your arm or leg and without background app support, Antisnore may run your iPhone’s horses into the ground. You could of course plug the unit into the mains or your computer, but at the risk of strangling yourself. Come to think of it, that would stop snoring. 

Light jokes aside, Antisnore may expose your dark-night secret and even save your marriage!

Antisnore – the snore killer, 0.99$
AntiSnore - The snore killer

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