Zenonia Almost Upon Us + Video Walkthrough


While some developers like to churn out apps like there’s no tomorrow, Gamevil has taken the “quality over quantity” approach. Their first release was Baseball Superstars, a well made baseball game that was a blast to play. In the coming days, their second iDevice offering will finally arrive in the form of Zenonia, an action RPG that could very well trounce the competition. Gamevil has sent us word that Zenonia was submitted to Apple on the 15th, meaning that if there are no unexpected delays (though you never know nowadays with the App Store approval process), this fantastic RPG could make its debut as early as Friday. If you’ve missed Young’s excellent hands on preview, be sure to read it here. In the meantime, the developer’s video walkthrough detailing the game’s quests, items, battlefields, skills and more await you after the jump.

  • This looks like it is going to be a great addition for the app store, and you are right. it is a relief to see the level of quality put into the game. Your comment on developers glutting the store with simple storyless games is so true. I hope their new release is successful. It will be on my itouch.
    Soma Games

  • daniel cohen

    pleez help me i cant beat the second boss cause he keeps on getting his life back

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  • tay

    Hey! can somone help me on protecting the seal of despise? its on the main story line. It says protect the seal at the valley of despise. Now i have gone in the cave and i am havint trouble finding whatever im suppose to do it there. Can somone help me who has beatin this part? thanks!

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