Down She Goes! Apple’s Mac and iPod Line Losing Ground for 2nd Straight Quarter


While not the news we hope and pray for, we can still pray. Pray that things set themselves aright (aside from sliding prices). Apple have been losing selling power now for the 2nd straight quarter. Mac shipments for the month of April have slipped 1.8 percent and quarterly sales by 3, a number that proves that even Apple are susceptible to recession.

The iPod has been hit much, much worse. In the same timeframe, iPod sales fell 9 percent and suffered average selling prices of 11 percent less than average. Of course, for consumers, this may be good news. That same shiny tune-playing gem that was just 11 percent too expensive for you a month ago may now be within your grasp. That said, if Apple are feeling such heavy effects from recession, chances are that your pocketbook too has slimmed by a substantial margin. On the computer front, Macs’s high selling prices have unfortunately not keenly been effected. 

While the current figures are daunting, 3rd quarter results are expected to dip much, much further. An estimated reduction in shipments to the tune of 8-16 percent could hit Apple and truly ring the alarm bell for the Cupertino company. Their product portfolio and target consumer have both been that side of affluent – a strategy that they may have to soon re-think. Introduction of lower priced products such as netbooks or tablets may be necessary as well as a dumbed down iPhone (the type I would be happy to buy).

[via iPodNN]

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