Ragdoll Blaster in Review – Misfired?


At first glance this game has the simplistic feel and look that I tend to enjoy in iDecive games. in fact, this one particularly reminded me of Doodle Jump and Crayon Physics, both of which are incredibly fun and intuitive games. With high hopes, I fired this app up and boy was I disappointed. The cannon was loaded with a ball of potential, its aim perfect, and its fuse lit… but there was no boom. The cannoneer misfired with Ragdoll Blaster.


The first notable issue is that there is no real start menu. After the initial loading screen you’re immediately thrown into the game. There is a menu, but you have to press it from the game screen, and it’s incredibly generic (as you can see in the picture above). There is no cute and simple piece of artwork underneath a carefully arranged menu, just a few words in a questionable font on top of a plain sheet of slightly crumpled graph paper.

I am a fan of the simple and childish style in games like iDoodle, but this really shows how incredibly nondescript the style can become. It lacks the color and flare that other games in the style have. It’s all dull blue and black and as you continue playing through the levels it just becomes monotonous. There is nothing that really pops and brings the levels to life. All of this is set to a dreary circus’ musical score.


You’re given a cannon loaded with an infinite number of Raggedy Andy’s as I’ve affectionately named them and your goal is to fire them at the red target, using as few of them as possible. You have a crosshair which you drag around your iDevice’s screen. The further away your crosshair is from the cannon the more powerful the shot and you fire away, keeping in mind of the laws of physics and gravity. Just make sure you don’t drag your finger over the menu button or you’ll quickly find yourself in the menu instead of firing one of your Raggedy Andy’s, this is a frustrating issue in more than a couple of levels.

There are just over 70 levels in all, and as you play through them the game introduces a handful of new devices that make hitting the target more complicated. Unfortunately none of the levels require too much thought, they are all pretty straightforward which completely negates the “puzzle” aspect promised in the game’s list of features. In little under an hour I cleared about 90% of the levels. It’s not that they were too easy it’s just that they required more luck than thought, and I like to consider myself one lucky individual (I am knocking on wood as I type this).


In the end, Ragdoll Blaster had a tremendous amount of potential that it just didn’t live up to. A facelift wouldn’t be ill-advised as the color scheme is just boring. The gameplay might have been Ragdoll Blaster’s only redeeming factor, if it hadn’t been done before by bigger and better games, like iPhyzzle. Perhaps in the near future, the developers will introduce an aspect to the game that would bring some longevity and replayability, because once you finish the 73 levels you won’t feel any real desire to replay them. Maybe if they figure out a way to allow for user generated levels, ala N: The Way of the Ninja & N+ , as well as making the levels more puzzling and thought provoking, it might bring some color to this otherwise lackluster game.

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App Summary
Title: Ragdoll Blaster (v1.0) Developer: Backflip Studios
Price: $1.99 App Size: 3.8 MB
  • Future Potential
  • Lackluster Aesthetics
  • Dreary Circus Music
  • No Puzzling Levels


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