Say Cheese – The Funnest iPod Ever to get Camera


While the iPod touch remains a very capable multipurpose PMP, it lacks a few hardware features that some fans crave. Radio is of course a common Apple dropout along with Bluetooth. However, the PMP digital camera made infamous in the likes of Sony’s Hi-MD players may finally be ready for launch in the iPod Touch and even the Nano. The significance of this rumour is of course not without its irony as while Sony’s next PSP may be more iPod-like, the iPod is sure to be more Sony-like.

As the iPod Touch and Nano typically see upgrades once per year, we are not likely to see the truth or fiction of this rumour till September or October. The Touch stands to benefit greatly from a camera not only to bring its hardware more inline with the iPhone, but also to allow it to run software that depends on direct input. Also, with the new much-hyped ZuneHD on the horizon, Apple’s next iPod Touch may need a special touch of flare to keep it en vogue.

[via hardmac]

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