Human Weather in Review – Facebook Gets the Drizzles


I have tried to see the significance of pulling for your mates who are ‘eating a new cereal today’ or ‘waiting for the bus’, but I just cannot. Facebook is just one of those useless internet apps for me. Sometimes, however, it is good to use as a communication tool with those people to whom you really don’t want to give out your email. Have you ever wanted to read the weather and the gossip column at the same time? There is an app for that – thanks to Maplewood Associates, you can blithely blog your life across weather networks.

Yeah, Human Weather is Facebook meets the weatherman. You get a forecast, current temp and if you are lucky, a clothing recommendation to round out a piece of social networking code. While not exactly as self-serving as Facebook, Human Weather plugs right into Twitter so that your fun little quips can make all of the world wide web smile in joy or in unison, frown and commiserate with you at the stinky poo weather. Unfortunately, whether in Toronto or Seoul, I seem to get people commenting from Texas and Arlington mentioning how hot it is. Well, 5 degrees in either C or F is not hot. Somehow, the network biz in this app just ain’t up to par. Reliance on twitter and location services limits you to either account locations or triangulation. There is no real problem with this method unless you want to check weather in a different location or compare many places easily. 

Just to prove that you ain’t lying to the internets, Human Weather posts up the temp in either the big F or the big C and has cute icons. Really, the strength of this digital forecaster/hookup tool is its cutsey icons – just ask the dev! Oh yes, it also has a nice interface that is not not like the iPhone’s and draws on cool ideas and stuff. And, it has comments! The coolest thing is that when you want to you know, like go outside and stuff and then you just can’t think of what to wear or do so you check the weather? Then you check what people say and then you are sooo excited! You can chat with tweets (unless you are unlucky and cannot) and even flirt. But what I love the bestest is how Human Weather turns the ‘dull weather’ into cool weather, no matter how hot! (am I clever or what?).


Weather will certainly not be the same again, because Human Weather has made it social and fun! Party Everyone! Cute graphics and nice interface aside, what is the point? Perhaps I am about 15 years too old or just don’t really care to see my avatar litter the web or maybe I am just callous, but this app hasn’t any good reason for me to cough up 99 cents that could be spent on bubblegum or nori; you can even buy staples or a rubber bouncing ball for the same price (at least I think so). Oh yeah, this app is a slapper.


App Summary
Title:Human Weather (v 1.1)Developer:Maplewoods Associates
Price:$0.99App Size:0.8 MB
  • Cute interface and icons
  • Inconsistent results from Twitter
  • Too much non-weather chatter
  • Why chatter in weather at all?
  • Could just go to twitter to see all the bits and bobs from people who ain’t even yer contacts


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