QuickOffice – A Brief Look and a Quick, “Finally”


Dictionaries? Covered. Wikipedia? Getting there. The App Store even has Bibles now and entire Bible libraries, but its list of productivity and reference apps is far from complete. QuickOffice have brought forth an iPhone iteration of their popular mobile software which is specifically tweaked for the iPhone and iPod Touch. My wife and I tend to spend a goodly amount of time pouring over excel files both for her work and for our finances and I am a slowly doctoring myself into a Word junkie. I have been fortunate enough to use it now for about two weeks and feel that my experience with it is enough to finish an in-depth review. Look for that on Monday.

Now, I just want to mention that for users who are waiting for the perfect Microsoft Office companion, you may have to wait a bit longer. However, QuickOffice is an excellent suite that enables mobile editing to be accomplished smoothly if not perfectly. The last three of my reviews have been written either completely or partially from the QuickOffice suite and I am finding more and more uses for the app everyday. Indeed, with a bit of tweaking and reading, it is a great way to enjoy another facet of your tiny iDevice: mobile content productivity.

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