Another Slip of the Gun – Wolfenstein RPG Outted, then Ousted

Appbank, somehow got ahold of Wolfenstein RPG, a game that is still dungeon slinking rather than the tasting the free air of the App Store. It appears to be a hi-resolution port of the EA title of that has been firing up good ol’ RPG action in mobile users’ hands for some time. Thankfully, before Apple pulled Wolfenstein from the App Store, Appbank got away with a nice gameplay video and some screenshots. After a bit of drooling, I can officially declare that though I know nothing official, this game WILL be The Quest meets Wolfenstein in EA flavour. Mark me for a purchase when available and if it proves to be a quality title, then shove a tasty spot aside for this RPG.

Wolfenstein RPG appears to be a much revamped Wolfenstein 3D Classic engine featuring gorgeous 2D sprites and what appears to be some excellent puzzle aspects. Though not yet officially out, expect imminent release from Apple to the shores of America.

More photos and details for you learned Japanese scholars can be found at Appbank.

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