Num Fight in Review – A Battle Of Math And Strategy 


Now, I know what you’re thinking. Math has no purpose and is only for losers, right? Well, Num Fight is here to break your pre-conceived notions about all things multiplying and adding. Math can actually be fun and challenging despite the common belief that it causes you to cringe and pull your hair out. 

Num Fight, by Pepper Dog Soft (really cute dog actually that makes a few appearances in the app itself), takes a different approach on the versus type of game. You’re pitted against a friend/foe or computer to achieve the highest score. This is accomplished by choosing the green boxes (positive number) on the game board and not the red ones (negative number). By choosing a green box, you increase your score by the number you chose. If you’re unfortunate enough to choose a red box, your score is then subtracted by that number. 


This wouldn’t be a puzzle/ strategy game if there wasn’t a twist. The twist that I’m referring to comes in the form of special objects that can be obtained by clicking on your turn. You’re only allowed to choose one box out of seven per row or one object at a time (depending on which row is highlighted by the blue bar). There’s a box property flipper object which turns all positive boxes on the board to negative ones and vice-versa. The 2x object causes the number chosen by your opponent to be doubled. So based on a strategic perspective, your best shot is to choose this object when there are mainly negative boxes left on the board. Therefore, your opponent would have a higher chance of choosing a red box and decreasing his/her/it’s score even further. The I2I object turns the blue bar on in any row, giving you another move. Normally, when you choose an object, your turn automatically ends, but this is not the case with the I2I object. Hence, if you only have negative boxes and the I2I object in your row, you should choose the object to give yourself another chance at picking a positive box from another row. The last object is the infamous ‘?’ symbol. This object, when chosen, turns into any other object that is automatically applied to the person who chose it. 

Num Fight includes three game modes and three difficulty settings (easy, medium, hard) to keep you satisfied as you exercise your brain. Battle Normal is just the default game mode that abides by the normal game rules. Battle Double Move is just like the default game mode but you’re given an extra move per turn. Battle Memory puts the infamous ? on all the boxes so you can’t differentiate between what value they contain. You can however tell if it is positive or negative depending on the color of the box. 

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There are a few options to play around with and view your statistics as well. You can change which objects you want to show up when you’re playing, change the range of numbers the boxes can be, and set how many rounds per game there are. The board can also be flipped upside down when you’re playing versus an actual human being instead of the ever-so-smart-and-annoying AI. 

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The one complaint I have about Num Fight is the graphics. I find the graphics rather bland and unappealing. Though this doesn’t affect gameplay whatsoever, it still would be a nice thing to have improved. Instead of the putrid yellowish tan background, I’d prefer a more visually appealing color (which is basically any color except black or yellow). New game modes would also be more than welcomed as well.

All in all, Num Fight is a game like no other. It’s unique in the sense that you actually have to plan out a strategy and force the opponent to make moves that decreases their score. Unfortunately, it’s required to have at least a first grade education in mathematics in order to understand the mechanics in Num Fight. Now this may be troublesome for some people out there, but it’s highly unlikely to affect many. There’s only a minute learning curve with Num Fight but once you get the rules down and remember the difference between a negative and positive number, Num Fight can be quite fun and addicting. 

I give Num Fight a “positive” rating of Grab It with no “negative” 😉 feelings!


App Summary
Title: Num Fight (v. 1.2) Developer: Doron Kramaczyk (Pepper Dog Soft)
Price: $0.99 (Sale Price) App Size: 2.8 MB
  • Challenging and addicting game that utilizes numbers
  • Three game modes
  • Customizable gameplay and options
  • bland graphics


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