Cooking Star in Review – Slice & Dice Your Way to Cooking Fun


First came Cooking Mama, a game of cooking themed mini games. Now Cooking Star is the newest kid in the kitchen. Cooking star lets you slice and dice your way to being a star chef. If Cooking Mama left you starving for even more savory meal preparation, then Cooking Star will give you food for thought!

Developer Glu now has a flying game, a cops & robbers game, a Realty business sim and now a cooking game. Cooking Star is a series of 8 mini games that will have you can tilt, touch, tap, flick, and flip delicious looking food dishes. The objective is to master each dish by getting 5 stars and unlocking a challenge dish and also a real recipe.

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Cooking Star’s main screen shows you choices of recipes, challenge modes, settings, today’s recipe, story mode and an about Glu page. Story mode gives you a variety of mouth watering dishes to cook. Dishes included are:

Kebab – touch & turn to cook, shake to add spices
Rice Ball – tilt to roll a rice ball over flour to increase its size
Tofu – Slice tofu into required size blocks
Burger – catch the correct ingredients by tilting your device
Chowder – ‘Stir’ to make the perfect soup
Meatballs – flick meatballs into a cooking pot
Borscht – Tap Tap revolution cooking style

Chowder is the easiest mini game in my opinion, only requiring you to keep an eye on stirring direction and tapping on bad ingredients to fill a green bar in time. It also made me hungry for some chowder soup! The Borscht mini game blatantly uses the popular music game tap tap revolution as a way to make enough borscht before time runs out. Burger is similar to the game Scoops but is not as fun. My least favorite was the rice ball. I found it pretty tricky trying to get the rice ball to even go in the correct direction much less roll over the flour spot. But, Tofu is my favorite mini game. I enjoy ‘slicing’ up cubes of tofu into the required blocks. I would have liked to have seen another similar mini game.

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In Story Mode, you want to get a score higher than 70 to unlock the next level of difficult. Unlock all 5 and you get a total of 6 challenge dishes along with 8 recipes. Touch the Food Basket on the main menu and you get Today’s Special mode. There are 5 dishes for you to prepare every day. If you get the required high score for a dish, you will get a new recipe for a total of 30 recipes.Touch the Oven to enter challenge mode. The dishes are locked at the beginning of Cooking Star but are unlocked in Story mode. Try to break your record with this challenging mini game. Touch the Recipe Box to view your collected recipes for use in a real kitchen. Pretty handy I might say. Touch the fridge to enter settings mode.

The controls are straight forward. I didn’t find it very difficult to master each dish by tilting, touching, swiping the screen, shaking and swiping. I the controls creative especially with the tofu dish. The rice ball dish was a poor use of control design. If you need help, there is also a much needed tutorial.


Graphics are very nice, colorful and sharp. I enjoy the animations of the stove, pots, preparation and cooking. It actually made me rather hungry and long to return to my own kitchen. The soundtrack for Cooking Star is pleasant but not intrusive and you can turn off the sound in the settings menu.

What I like about Cooking Star is that it is fun, cozy, colorful and nicely done with mini games. But, there are not enough mini games and the rice ball game and meat ball mini games were just frustrating. If you liked Cooking Mama then you will want to give Cooking Star a try. I’m giving it a tasty Tap It rating.


App Summary
Title: Cooking Star (V 1.0) Developer: Glu Games Inc
Price: $1.99 App Size: 18.3 MB
  • Fun game play
  • Creative design
  • Well done Animation
  • Copies from two other games
  • Not enough mini games
  • Some difficult mini games


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