Tiger Woods PGA Tour in Review – A Finger Stroke from Greatness


Growing up, I was considered to be a child prodigy at golf. Over the course of a single summer I trained my skills on a daily basis, preparing for a competition that if won would result in a future for me resembling the life Tiger Woods himself now lives. It was that day, I made history. In 18 holes, I scored 18 holes in one. I knew my future was set. There was nothing that was going to stop me. It was only after my completion of this magnificent feat that my parents informed me that both my ball and all of the 18 holes had magnets in them and that everyone at the local Golf n’ Stuff miniature park scored 18 holes in one every time. It was then I decided if I couldn’t be a professional golfer, I would review video games about golf. So now a week later, I am here to tell you about Tiger Woods PGA Tour from Electronic Arts. Is it possible to bring a beloved console game to your iDevice and not have it be a shell of its former self? Read on to find out.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour from developer Electronic Arts offers the player an opportunity to play as one of five professional golfers including Tiger himself or create their own character to compete through a yearlong 15 tournament competition to see who truly is, the greatest golfer in the world.


After you’ve selected your player of choice and chosen the color of clothes they will wear it’s time to tee off. You can select either Play Now or go directly to the PGA Tour. Selecting play now will give you an opportunity to play on one of the seven courses in six different modes with up to 3 additional players (in select modes). Play now also allows you to earn money with successful shots that you can put towards improving your equipment and the entry fees of the PGA Tournaments.

The controls of the game are easy for a beginner to pick-up and have a good time with but also offer depth for a more experienced player to master in order to become one of the best golfers on the Tour. The swing meter is located on the screen adjacent to your character. Place your hand on the ball, swing back and then forward, releasing the ball and allowing it to fly down the fairway. The option is built into the swing mechanic to allow you to perform a power boost, fade and draw as well as an option to control the spin on the ball once you have launched it into the air. Pay close attention to the wind gauge; distance your club of choice travels on average and hazards in order to get the most out of each round.


Visually the game looks great. The color of the grass has you wanting to reach out and grab it. The next course appears different than the last in weather, trees, buildings and design. Your golfers motions are fluid and you believe his actions caused your ball to move down the course. There are a handful of animations and after a few play troughs you will most likely have seen them all a couple of times.

The sound of the game feels like it was lifted directly from a real world round of golf. From the smack of the ball off the tee to the thump of the ball landing in a sand trap or on the green, you feel like you’re actually experiencing the game in real time. Although there is no visible crowd, you do hear crowd reactions to your performance on the field and get a great selection of ambient sound effects like bag pipers playing. You also have play-by-play commentary from former golfing pro Sam Torrance and The Golf Channel’s Kelly Tilghman who add believability to the overall experience.


The game offers a lot of bang for your buck, you could spend hours upon hours playing through a number of the options available in the play now mode, earning money, improving your characters equipment and your abilities and still have as many hours or more to compete on some of the most recognizable courses around the world for prize money and the respect of the best under par average on the Tour.

Tiger Woods PGA doesn’t offer an online leaderboard or competition. With the ability to play through the PGA Tour, it would have been nice to compete against others in a tournament. With only seven courses included in the game there are a lot of known stops on the tour missing from the competition, resulting in repeated play troughs of few courses offered. Verbal crowd reactions are nice, but having actual spectators on the field would have gone a long way to increase the realism of play.


Overall Tiger Woods PGA Tour for your iDevice is a game for the masses. If you’re a fan of golf games or someone who enjoys a gaming experience that keeps you coming back again and again, Tiger Woods is right for you.


App Summary
Title: Tiger Woods PGA Tour v.1.0.0 Developer: Electronic Arts
Price: $9.99 App Size: 160.0 MB
  • Pick-up and play controls with built in depth for advanced play.
  • High quality graphics for your idevice.
  • Hours upon hours of gameplay.
  • No online leaderboards or competition.
  • Missing known courses from the PGA Tour.


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