ezShare Promo Code Giveaway (Closed)


TouchMyApps is giving away 5 copies of ezShare ($4.99), a fully featured and very capable file access and sharing app for your iDevice. Not only does it act as a WiFi hard drive app, but users are also able to print files, view documents and JPEGs, zip/unzip files, stream MP3s from your computer and more.

Access files stored on:

  1. Your Home or Work Desktop/Laptop,
  2. WebDav server (ex. MobileMe iDisk),
  3. Google Docs/Picasa (no Spreadsheets support yet),
  4. FTP, NAS Servers,
  5. Airport Extreme or Time Capsule
  6. Other iPhone/iPod touch users.

To enter for a chance at winning 1 of 5 copies, tell us why you’d like to try out ezShare for your iPod/iPhone and which of its many features will come in most handy for you. Winners will be selected randomly and the giveaway will close May 16th.

As well, follow us on Twitter and tweet: RT @TouchMyApps – ezShare Promo Code Giveaway! http://tinyurl.com/qcxjnw

App Description:

Introducing the next generation file access and sharing for the iPhone/iPod touch.

If you think we are going to describe yet another “WiFi” hard drive app, you will be surprised …

Away from the office?
VPN in to your corporate network and access your files on your computer.

* Supports Microsoft’s native file sharing for Windows. Just right click a folder and share it.
* In MAC OSX Leopard (10.5.X) turn on File Sharing (SMB and/or FTP).
* ezShare can discover computers on the local network (Windows, MAC, Linux etc).

* Save files/folders directly from ezShare
* Alternatively, use ezShare as a “WiFi” drive from your computer

Do you have a MAC and a printer?
ezShare can print your remote or local documents/pictures

Simultaneously transfer files or folders from one server (iDisk, Laptop/Desktop, FTP etc) to another (iDisk, Laptop, FTP…).
The files are not stored on the device during the transfer.

* Download and view MS Office, PDF, Text and Image files (standard iPhone formats)
* Scroll or Jump to a page in a PDF file.

View JPEG images stored on your Laptop/Desktop without copying them to the device.

* Zip folders on your device or computer.
* Browse zip files and unzip individual files or the entire archive.
When using your computer, the zip file is not downloaded for browsing or unzip.

MUSIC/VIDEO (standard iPhone formats)
* Stream audio (MP3) from your desktop/laptop
* Download (streaming coming soon) and watch videos

Simple web browser to download files from the internet.

This allows a computer to be woken up remotely by a another computer on the network.

We want you to know what you are buying. Please take some time to read the limitations of the current release at the end.

ezShare has been designed with the vision of facilitating access to *ALL* your files from the iPhone/iPod touch.

Currently supported protocols include:

See the FAQ on our website or Contact us and we will do our best to assist you with your questions.
You can also check out the ezShare videos at www.antecea.com

We cannot respond to reviews, so if you have any problems, we can only help if you contact us.

*********** LIMITATIONS ***********
* We have reports of MAC OSX 10.4.X (Tiger) having trouble connecting via SMB (FTP will work Tiger’s firewall disabled).
* Files on a remote server cannot be edited or deleted
* Limited RTF support (text view only), no support for RTFD
* ezShare v1.0.1 limits the maximum number of files displayed in a folder to 2048.


Thanks for all the comments folks. Congrats to the following winners:

Brendon, Tab, JoJo, @SteveNake and Gretchen Imbergamo

For all those who didn’t win a copy this time round, be sure to check out ezShare ($4.99) for your file sharing needs!

  • Steve

    I would love to win this app. It looks so much better than airsharing which i’ve already wasted money on =\

  • Irene

    Out of the so many features listed, I will say streaming videos/mp3 to my ipod touch is the most desired function I will use. Other than that, I will like to zip videos to transfer to my computer because they are usually too big. Definitely a keeper for me – this app.

  • Gretchen Imbergamo

    Just got ain new network storage link for my wifi network. This app would be awesome as I could use it to access files from that drive on my ipod touch

  • VoodooVyper

    I really like the fact that it acts as a WiFi hard drive. Streaming MP3s is cool, I’d use it mainly for that.

  • Nitish

    This is definitely the Best WiFi Sharing and Sync to/from HD App i have come across. Though i have used a similar Freeware App, I’d surely go for this one for it has a lot of features.

    I can share Files on the Go without having to burn files on a Recordable Media anymore.

    File Storage, Data Mobility, Streaming is what i’d look for in such kind of application and ‘ezShare’ has all of them and more..

    Thanks to the Developers for offering such a useful App and TMA for such a great Opportunity to win it.

  • soky157

    I have run my own business and am on the road alot. Being able to connect to my PC no matter where I am would be very helpful. I hope I am lucky to win a copy of EZShare.


  • Mikeman118

    I like to keep my files with me all times, so this would be great for me. I think the sharing with other iPhones/iPod touches is pretty cool

  • jutonik

    This would be great for transferring files between my laptop and the school computers!

  • Tab

    Just got an iPod Touch and would love to take advantage of the cool features of ezshare.
    Downloading and viewing files and the ability to access Zip folders on my Touch would be excellent.I think the streaming audio (MP3) from my desktop might be the most used and most appreciated. Thanks.

  • Amit

    I have a MacbookPro at home and a Windows XP Pro desktop at work. I would love to be able to print files that are in my office XP from the iPhone.

    I wish they would add printing for Windows, but the MAC printing works for my current setup.

  • Jeff Teague

    Ooh, TMA looks at ezShare. I got ezShare a few days ago, and I can definitely vouch for it being a *super* app. It streams music in the current version, and going by what they say on the website, the next version will stream videos, which is uber cool.

  • goldguy

    Looks great and convenient! I use airsharing right now, which can be slow. This app looks really polished

  • Stykman

    i would love to try out this app i dont think i have seen an app like this yet

  • redtsar

    Looks awful convenient! Now I wont have to carry a usb drive everywhere

  • danny

    Seems like a very comprehensive program. Lots of features that will make life a bit easier in terms of transferring and accessing files. I’ve tried different file sharing apps before but ezShare looks like it will be able to do them all. Look forward to trying it out!

  • Susan Lee

    ezShare looks like a keeper. I’ve been using WiFi HD for 2 weeks now and compared to the features in ezShare, I don’t think I can go back. Streaming mp3s from my desktop will be very useful :)

  • ricky

    From what i have seen thus far, probably the most robust app of its kind so far. Love how you can zip and unzip files right on the iphone (or ipod). This will can in handy no doubt

  • JoJo

    I honestly haven’t thought of using my iPhone as a usb like hard drive (just for calling and the occasional gaming), but seeing ezShare it looks like a one stop shop for storing and retrieving my data. As long as it is easy and user friendly to use, I would love to try it out.

  • JSmith

    Video streaming! This is something I am willing to pay for!! Oh yeah, and the other features look nice too :)

  • Brendon

    I would like to stream Mp3s to my ipod free up some of the music taking up space on my ipod’s hardrive.

  • pitbull

    I’d like to use it at friends houses. it’d be awful convenient

  • Man, I wish I’d gotten to this in time… looks like a great app.

  • I tried something like this a while ago from a different developer, but it made me manually type IPs to get to the server, and could only work on ad-hoc networks. It was great on my mac but crashed my work PC. I haven’t tried this, but I will now.

  • sem

    Looks like I am too late. Would have been nice to be able to stream files from my work PC to my laptop.

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