Apple 2009 WWDC – 2nd Time is a Charm?


In 2008, Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, otherwise known as ‘Steve Notes’ sold out for the first time since 1996. You won’t be able to get in this year either if you have not already bought your ticket and signed the non-disclosure agreement stating that you will not let any secrets fly that are not loosed already from somewhere in China. Yep, 2009’s WWDC is as good as gone but how will it fare compared to its earlier incarnations?

2009 will mark a few changes to Apple’s mainstay event. Markedly, Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs won’t be presenting the Keynote this year. If you are voracious Jobs’ fan who loves his cute accent, ‘boom’, ‘better and better and better’ and other catchy phrases, you might be a wee bit disappointed as in his place, the fitter Philip Schiller will do the honours. 

2009 should not be considered a dud year despite its disappointing start as Jobs made no appearance at Macworld and even Apple are pulling out of that event. As usual, we have much to look forward to including a new iPhone, a possible netbook or tablet device, new Snow Leopard OS and perhaps ‘one more thing’. 2009’s WWDC is not a consumer event, not a rumour related event and not an any-product event though we try to make it so. So, despite the good fun that 2009 is sure to bring, the actual conference may be a bit more mundane than we fanboys hope for. 

We are no doubt going to hear about OS 3.0 in greater detail and maybe even get a release soon thereafter and of course, Snow Leopard (for you silly Windows users – this is MacOS’s next installment that will blow away Windows for years) will get loads of love. Indeed, as Snow Leopard is focused on speed and stability along with a few good tweaks, Apple will probably have to spend a good bit of time explaining why it is worth your hard earned cash.

As it is sold out for the 2nd time, there are high expectations for which Apple have never been able to measure up. No other electronics company carries as much poise with it to conferences or as much love from fans. Let’s just prepare for a bit of sighing and get on with the fun.

If we get luscious information on the next iPhone, no matter how sparse, it will be welcome to these ears. Look out for a ‘one more thing’ event from Apple later in the summer if not.

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