Kaloki Adventure in Review- Galactic Lemonade Galore!

kaloki_adventure6“Everyone loves galactic lemonade … which means big space bucks for you! How are you going to supply power to your lemonade stand? Better build a solar windmill. How will you pay for the windmill with no space dollars? Kaloki Adventure (Outpost Kaloki X on Xbox live Arcade) is the light-hearted space-station tycoon game filled with clever characters and wacky storylines, where it’s your job to keep the visiting aliens happy and rake in the cash!”

kaloki_adventure2Kaloki Adventure follows the same essential formula as other tycoon style games. You’ll have to try and rake in as much $$$ as possible by managing your out of the world lemonade stands, herb gardens, spy academies, chem labs, and more! You start off with just the core of a space station, and visitors will start to come in soon enough. You basically have little “blocks” which allow you to construct your expansions, but these aren’t limitless so you’ll have to strike the right balance of locations to maximize profit.

What adds on to the gameplay is that you can adjust the prices as needed, while each building uses a certain amount of energy, so generators will also have to be built. Even more is that if you’re not careful with maintenance, then your station will slowly fall into disrepair. Each scenario gives a different objective, from reaching “x” amount of dollars, building “x” item, and/or reaching “x” star ratings, all in the allotted time limit.

kaloki_adventure1In the main story mode, you race against time to save the princess, traveling through different sectors and meeting many unique characters along way to fame and glory. These scenarios can be pretty unique, while other times it just feels like you’re doing the same thing over again. Still, the plot is great and will make it so you want to keep playing to find out what happens next.

If you beat the story or get tired of it, there are different sandbox modes to try out as well. In these modes you’re in a free-form situation, from jungles to aquariums, and this way you can play as you like, just having fun and completely controlling your space station. It’s also a good way to practice and get a better hang of the game if you have to.

kaloki_adventure5Graphics in Outpost Kaloki X are very good, especially for ones on the iDevices. The crisp 3-D graphics are pleasant to look at, with good detail while pixilated images are basically non-existent. They’re not perfect, but they do really make for a nice world to play in. The station and ships are all well detailed, and the characters are also well drawn; the only time the images aren’t that great is when you look into the backgrounds, which are sort of plain. Otherwise there’s nothing wrong with the visuals in Outpost Kaloki X.

The soundtrack is uplifting and catchy; it was not tiring to listen to at all. The sound clips are also accurate and make for an immersive experience. Trust me, you won’t really want to play your own songs instead as the music in the game is great to listen to already.

kaloki_adventure4For the most part Kaloki Adventure is top notch. A few areas could be improved, most notably that sometimes the game just seems to head in the same direction regardless of the scenario, giving that “been there, done that feel”. Also, you can’t go back to previous scenarios in the game if you want to re-do parts of the story. Last of all is that towards the end there’s just so much happening at once that it can be hard to see what’s what , resulting in some lag to kick in.

In the end, Kaloki Adventure is an excellent game that everyone should try, especially if you are a tycoon fanatic. You can aim for the best times which you’ll be awarded with a bronze, silver, or gold medal. NinjaBee has done it again with an excellent product, proving their reputation as a high quality developer. Despite a few minor gripes, Kaloki Adventure is sure to be worth the money and will keep you entertained for quite a while.

Now all I have to do is make more galactic lemonade!


App Summary
Title: Kaloki Adventure (v1.0) Developer: NinjaBee
Price: $2.99 (sale $1.99) App Size: 7.5 mb
  • Great storyline
  • Nice quick paced gameplay
  • Pretty graphics
  • Music and sound effects are well done
  • Can feel repetitive
  • Players can’t select previous scenarios
  • Screen can be way too cluttered, causing lag


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