Eliss in Review – I’ll Squeesar You!

eliss7If I had two sum Eliss up in two words, I’d have to call it “Frustratingly Fun”. After the initial “sector” (or stage), the level of frustration raises exponentially, but Steph Thirion (developer of the game) has thrown in just enough easily conquered sectors in between to keep you from chucking your iDevice against the wall and screaming “I’ll squeesar you!”

But don’t let me get you believing this game is personification of frustration, because it really is a blast to play!

eliss3_1The goal of the game is to create the specified number of supernovas to complete each sector. As you create supernovas the progress bar on the top right of the screen will fill up, this is a quick way to see how many more novas you need to create.

To cause a supernova you have to take the correct sized planet and put it inside of a squeesar of the same color. Planets of the same color can be pushed together to create a bigger planet, you can also split a planet apart by placing two fingers in the middle of the planet and spreading them apart. You’ll constantly be creating smaller or larger planets throughout each level so it’s a great idea to master these controls as fast as possible.

You’re given a life bar that depletes when two planets of differing colors collide. The longer the planets are touching the more your health is depleted, and despite the size of your life bar, it can be drained in a matter of moments. Don’t let this worry you, because every time you create a supernova “stardust” (little triangles) are dispersed. By tapping the stardust they’ll glow green and give you more health before they fade away.

Sounds relatively simple right?

eliss4Wrong! Just when you think you’re getting the hang of things, they’ll introduce a new concept to the game, the dreaded black holes. This devil of a contraption (you guessed it!) sucks in everything that you are not currently holding into position! While this is going on you have to maneuver two to four planets around the tiny screen while not letting them hit each other so you can a planet into the newly popped up squeesar. Before you’re able to rejoice for finally creating a supernova, another planet pops up right where you are currently holding a blue planet the size of Jupiter! There may be even more surprises in store for you, I’ve only made it to sector eight and there are 26 sectors in all.

Visually, the game is not very impressive. It feels like we’re playing the original asteroids but with color. I suppose the developer intended this to be apart of the “charm” of the game, but I personally think they would have done better with the neon colors and fantastic explosions one sees in geoDefense.

eliss5The sound effects and music, on the other hand, are quite pleasant. The background music is calming, which helps to keep your nerves from acting up as you fight to keep from throwing your iDevice down in frustration. I really enjoy the sound of the planets popping into existence. When planets collide you’re alerted by a constant and quite annoying “whirring” noise, which won’t go away until you fix the situation. The best sound of all is what I like to call the “Sector Finally Dominated” sound. You will smile with satisfaction each time you hear it, of that I guarantee.


All in all, Eliss is great fun. It may be frustrating and you may find yourself playing a sector over and over again (I’m STILL stuck on sector eight), when you finally complete that bastard of a sector, you’ll rejoice! Do your favorite “I beat you sucker!” dance and move onto the next level. Trust me; the satisfaction in beating the level completely outweighs the frustration! The game does use the touch controls to their full advantage, splitting planets, collecting star dust, and maneuvering the planets around in space. It’s quite hectic and if you have large fingers or bad hand and eye, or in this case finger and eye coordination, you’re going to be hurting in some of the sectors.

If you enjoy a game that’s going to challenge you every step of the way, both mentally and physically, you’re definitely going to want to grab it!


App Summary
Title: Eliss (v1.1) Developer: Steph Thirion
Price: $2.99 App Size: 15.0 MB
  • Great Music and Sound Effects
  • Entertaining and unique gameplay
  • Satisfaction in beating levels
  • Graphics
  • Can be frustratingly difficult, especially if you have big fingers


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