iZilch in Review – Snake Eyes

izilch1One of the greatest benefits of having a staggering amount of iDevice games at my disposal is that I can usually find one that fits my mood. Do I want something fast paced or slow and thoughtful? Would I want to play an RPG or delve into a sports game. While it is true that the offerings need a few year to be fully fleshed out, seeing the often interesting and varied types of games out there leads me to believe that this is a philosophy that many game developer are pursuing. They are seeking to develop as many game types as there are appetites for them. This is where a game like iZilch comes in.

According to iZilch developer, Crystal Springs Software, LLC:

iZilch makes your iPhone or iPod touch come alive. A gentle shake will roll the dice. The dice look and sound real, and you drag them to the Dice Scoring Area to score points. There are other dice games on the iPhone, but none of them feel like this!

This game is easy to learn and quick to master, but because you have to constantly adapt your strategy to the changing game conditions, it stays interesting and fresh for hours of addictive game play. But watch out, the iPhone and iPod touch are tough opponents!

izilch3As the game description says, iZilch is a dice based game. You are given six dice to roll each turn. It is then up to you to determine what dice to keep and if you want to roll the remaining dice. There are point distributions that need to be taken into account. A five is worth 50 points. A one is worth 100 point. If you get a three of a kind, you multiply that number by 100 (i.e. three 4s gives you 400). If on a roll you receive 1 through 6, you automatically get 1500 points and get to roll again. You can also roll again if your utilize all your dice. On the extremely rare chance you get six of a kind, you get 2000 points.

The danger in continually rolling the dice during your turn is if you can no longer put any dice in the scoring area. This will result in your receiving a zilch that causes you to lose all your hard earned points. Once you decide you don’t want to roll anymore, you press the stay button. It is then the CPU’s turn. Scores are tallied, and the first one to receive 3000 points wins. There is also the option of playing until 10,000 points.

izilch4One of the aspects of this game that seems to be touted is dice roll.

From the iTunes page for iZilch:

  • Dice look and sound real
  • Shake iPhone or iPod touch to roll Dice
  • Animated dice rolling and game flow

While these may add some flavor to a sparsely presented game, they seem like arbitrary additions. Given the option of shaking my $399 iTouch versus touching the roll button, I’ll touch the roll button. In this way, the shaking mechanism feels like an arbitrary addition to the game. The same goes for the “realism” of the dice roll. It’s nice, but completely unnecessary and does little to enhance the quality of this game.

izilch5During my use of this game, I came to the realization that there is little strategy involved. It’s almost like a dice version of the TV show game “Deal or No Deal.” You pick numbers and decide if you want to stop. OK, so it’s more nuanced than that, but the heart behind those two games feel similar.

While I fail to see how iZilch will keep you engaged for hours, it is a decently made time waster. If you want a simple time killer that isn’t too deep but is entertaining enough, than iZilch is for you. If you’re looking for something a little more engaging, then it may be best to look elsewhere.


App Summary
Title: iZilch (v1.0) Developer: Crystal Springs Software, LLC
Price: $0.99 App Size: 2.4 MB
  • Real Dice Simulation
  • Experience is Decent Enough
  • Shallow Gameplay
  • Can Only Play Against the CPU


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