Caster Promo Code Giveaway! (Closed)

caster_promoTouchMyApps is giving away 5 promo codes to the newly released Caster, a 3D action-RPG with gameplay elements not seen before on the iDevice platform. Fans of the genre should definitely check out this new and exciting release from Elecorn.

Caster is an Intense High Speed 3rd person shooter with Explosive Effects and Massive Terrain Deformation! As a rookie Caster, you are assigned to rid the Middon region of a serious infestation of bug like creatures known as the Flanx.

For your chance to win 1 of 5 codes, download the free lite version of Caster (or simply check out the gameplay video after the break) and give us your impressions of this visually impressive game. Winners will be selected randomly and the contest will close May 11th @ 5pm EST.

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Thanks for all the comments once again ladies and gents! Congrats to the five who’ve won a promo code to Caster:

Bessamy, magicboy118, mrholder, Gaia and ipodfan15.

If you enjoyed playing the lite version, be sure to buy the game to support Elecorn!

  • Seto

    I’ve played the lite, and wow this game is amazing! The controls are flawless and gameplay is both action packed and strategic with which spells you use. This is an amazing game, dare I say revolutionary.

  • Stykman

    i have played the lite and was amazed of the quality of the game. The graphics look good for an iphone game and the controls are ok.

    But it does drain your battery pretty fast


    It’s a fun, quick paced shooter game that’s much better than any of the other games of its class

  • Nitish

    The VDO version of the GamePlay looks simply Fantastic. I must say these game developers are working hard to give us Games the Best, Hats off to the Caster team.

    Controls looks pretty Smooth and Easy to use. and yes the Battery Consumption, widh such wonderful Graphics one needs to bear everything.

    Worth Having “Caster” on the iPhone/iPod Touch!!

  • SuperPaperSam

    The demo is pretty fun. The graphics are outstanding. But hopefully the devs don’t stop at this game.

  • Bessamy

    Wow, the controls on this game are awesome as the graphics! This is definitely the game to watch!

  • Ryan

    I played the lite before I read this, and I have to say, this game is amazing. I love the terrain deformation especially.

  • Mazda.Man

    Promo code city on this site :)
    I loved the demo, the controls definitely take some getting used to. Fun game.

  • jacksonitup

    Looks very good. It has awesome graphics and i like the open worldness. Ive only heard great things abou this game.

  • appreviews8

    Looks prettty fun. good graphics, nice re-play value, fun gameplay. I like it! A promo code would be nice

  • Ipodfan15

    I love the game’s graphics, but the weapon selection is kind of boring. I love the dashing though.

  • sandro

    I’ve been playing the lite version for the past hour and I am really liking it. The gfx are great and the game play is fun..only thing i find is that the controls do take a little getting used to. Would love the full Caster game! Thanks for the chance Touchmyapps!

  • mikeman118

    Wow, the graphics are amazing! Looks like a fun game.

  • VoodooVyper

    This game looks amazing. The lite version is a blast, and I hear there’s another episode in the works.

  • Ben

    OMG caster! The lite version Is so fun there’s lord of ways to play reminds me of fracture.

  • Jeremy

    This looks like it has awesome controls and has alot of features in it

  • Gaia

    I’m extremely impressed at this game. The graphics and controls are pretty amazing.
    Plus, who doesn’t like running around and shooting down stuff? :)

  • goldguy

    I’m suprised! The game is very fun, and it runs smoothly. Looks almost as good as a DS game!

  • ricky

    i agree with many here that the graphics are snazzy. the controls on the other hand… it does take getting used to

  • mike23

    Caster lite is pretty cool. lots of great action and the visuals are great for the ipod. definitely want to continue on playing with the paid full version.

  • jutonik

    Great looking, and surprisingly fun. I think they’ve got a winner here!

  • bigshotbob

    I haven’t had a chance to download and play the lite version yet, but the vide looks neat. Seems like there is a lot of action in the game and the gfx look great.

  • Sarieh

    i’m really liking this game so far (free). love how the environment can be affected by your spells/firepower. I haven’t had problem with contorls like some here and love to own the paid ver of caster.

  • jackman

    played caster on the PC before. while not the perfect game by any means it was fun. The lite version is what i expected for a game like this on iphone platform. Still fun (though it has its issues) and would recommend it to those who love 3d shooters.

  • Julia

    Caster looks great!! The music from the video is pretty catchy :)

  • sammy

    Fun Fun Fun!

  • Rob

    Bought the game already and LOVE it… so I’m just putting my name in the draw for my friend (want to surprise him with code if I win) :)

  • tiki15

    the lite copy kept me busy for 2 days now (yeah im cheap and don’t buy many games haha). Hope to win full game!

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