Flight Control in Review – Sitting in the Airport Just Got Interesting!

flightcontrol1I had originally grabbed Flight Control on a whim, something about the simplistic art style and the 99 cent price tag flipped my impulse switch. Before I even recognized what I was doing, the game installed on my iPod. Going in I had no expectations for the game, hell I barely even knew what it was about! After the initial loading screen you’re confronted with this simple question “Welcome Aboard! Would you like game sounds?” Without considering the ramifications of my actions I clicked the red “YES” button. The slightly upbeat elevator music transported me to a 1950’s airport terminal. I had become an Air Traffic Controller, not just any air traffic controller… I was the BEST.

flightcontrol2Unfortunately it didn’t take me too long to realize I was no where close to being the best. It was going to be a long way to the top, but I am prepared to sacrifice the many hours needed to make my dream come true!

The thing that stands out most about Flight Control is its aesthetics. The art style coupled with the start menu’s music is nothing short of perfect. I cannot shake the feeling that the developers of this app were heavily influenced by the Fallout video game franchise. Everything but the gameplay smacks of Fallout or Bioshock, which was a brilliant stroke by the devs of this lovely little game.

The gameplay itself is incredibly simplistic. Grab your airplane and drag it to its color coordinated landing strip and make sure the airplanes don’t crash into each other! There are a couple different aircrafts. The original red planes, the slow moving yellow planes, the ultra slow moving helicopters, and the large & fast moving (barreling is more like it) red planes. Admittedly, there might be more but I haven’t managed to unveil them as the game’s difficulty gets extremely hard as you go along. Having to navigate each of the planes to their designated landing strips in a fashion that avoids any aerial collisions, while there are still more planes coming from every direction! Needless to say it can become quite hectic and if you get frustrated and your actions become frantic, you’re more likely to crash your planes than to land them safely. While that might not seem so alluring on its own, you have to fall back to that age old adage “Simplicity is best”, because for this game it certainly is! Once you start getting the hang of the game’s mechanics you’ll quickly lose track of time in attempting to beat your previous high scores.

flightcontrol3Just when you think you’ve mastered the game, you hit that devil of a submit button. First you’ll be prompted to register an account at cloudcell,which is a quick two minute process. You’ll then be asked if you want to allow Flight Control to grab your location. What this does is puts you on a “local” high score board, showing you what scores people in your area and game ranking recently scored, as well as how far away they are from you (in miles). I personally find this to be a nifty idea, but it isn’t for everyone.

flightcontrol4The online ranking system in general is neatly done. You’re given a rank depending on the amount of planes you’ve landed successfully in one game. You start out in the cabin crew if you score below 75 points, at 75 you rank as a co-pilot. You’ll continue to climb as you get better and better at the game. You can also view the high scores on the website , which incorporates Google Maps to place high scorers throughout the world (the locations are skewed slightly to protect the players). As I write this the current top scorer has landed a stunning total of 6432 planes! And here I thought I was doing great at 65 planes.

flightcontrol5Flight Control is definitely one of the best and most addicting apps I’ve played in a good while. Aesthetically, the game is top notch. It may not be pushing the boundaries graphically as Assassin’s Creed or Touchgrind do, but they are certainly stunning in their own right. The game play is extremely addictive and the high scoring system offers a level of competitiveness, even if the top score is a daunting one. The only issue I could possibly bring up is that the main menu’s music isn’t playing in the background as you actually play the game, which is a non-point if you’re listening to your own music. The previous issues the game had with not being able to continue your game if you exit to the iDevice menu and not having an online high score system were both fixed in the latest update. All in this entire app is a fantastic Kiss It rating. And is a STEAL at 99 cents!

App Summary
Title: Flight Control (v1.1) Developer: Firemint
Price: $0.99 App Size: 0.99 mb
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Art work and interface very well done
  • Gameplay simple yet challenging
  • Online Scoreboard
  • 0.99 cents!
  • Some players may find it too difficult as game progresses
  • Could use more airports


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