Zen Bound Gets More Love

zenbound_update3 zenbound_update8

Chillingo, one of the most notable and well liked publishers at the App Store, has hit TMA with some details and screenshots for the soon-to-be released 1.2.1 update of Zen Bound. Developed by Secret Exit, Zen Bound is a truly unique gaming experience and one that must be played to appreciate the beauty (and simplicity) of the game. Fans of this critically acclaimed title will be happy to know that the update includes a whole new tree called ‘The Tree of Nostalgia. This will be subdivided into four thematic groups: Childhood, Old Days (1920s or so), 50s Sci-Fi and Retro Gaming.

If you’ve yet to try Zen Bound, there is a lite version available for all to see what they’ve been missing. Also, be sure to check out our review of this one of a kind game. Screenies and more update info after the break.

Other improvements found in the 1.2.1 update include:

  • Paint spread from rope will be smooth and continuous
  • Rope interpenetrating with objects reduced
  • Silly bug with ‘Previous’ displaying the wrong value changed
  • Level beginning says ‘Play’ instead of ‘Continue’ if the save game had 0% coverage
  • Save game issues hopefully addressed
  • Ability to hide the in-game progress display (i.e. play “full-screen”)

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