Top Gun Flies into the Highway of the Danger Zone and onto your iDevice


Remember the summer of 1986? Every man wanted to be Tom Cruise and every woman wished their man looked like Tom Cruise, had his money, and didn’t sit around the house like a couch potato. Well that was then and we can’t go back and change it, but every man can live out their dream of taking on the role of Maverick and becoming the greatest Top Gun Fighter pilot the world has ever known. Thanks to developer Freeverse and publisher Paramount Digital Entertainment, this combat flight simulator has arrived on the app store. Sadly, for every woman who wished their man looked like Tom Cruise and had his money, your dreams haven’t become reality and you’ll simply have to keep on waiting. Gameplay video after the break!

You will have an opportunity to shoot enemies out of the sky, dodge air-to-air and surface-to-air missiles as well as navigate dangerous environments. Take on the role of a new recruit who trains under Maverick and Iceman. Sadly there is no Goose, Goose is dead, still. Choose between an F-22 Raptor and b-2 Stealth Bomber. There are 10 missions total. The best part, you get to listen to Kenny Loggins classic, “Danger Zone.” What more could a man ask for? Ladies (and gents), sorry your man doesn’t look like Kenny Loggins either.


Top Gun is in the app store now for $1.99. Good luck pilot! I salute you!


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