The Best-Selling PC Franchise of All-Time comes to your iDevice this June with the Sims 3


Have you set around playing SimCity on your iDevice and said to yourself, “Building this city is fun, but I’d really like to walk the streets.” Or been selecting the color of the clothes your golfer will wear in Tiger Woods PGA Tour and said, “If only I could choose from a larger variety of clothes and hairstyles.” Well to those of you who talk to yourself while playing your games I’m here to tell you, EA has been listening and come this June they will bring to you the game that does what you’ve been asking for and more in The Sims 3.


Along with the ability to create your own Sim, with those optional clothing and hairstyles you (I) mentioned earlier and being able to move around an ever-changing neighborhood exploring the open world gameplay, you will also have the option to play 4 separate mini-games including fishing, gardening, cooking and housing repairs. Of course as with all Sims games you’ll also have the option to develop complex relationships with friends and even fall in love. When the Sims 3 arrives you’ll never have to live in the real world again!


The game will come packed with over 10 hours of gameplay built inside a beautiful 3D world and support the iDevice’s touch and accelerometer controls. So for those off you looking to create an entirely new life (virtually) for yourself, keep your eyes directed to the market place this June.


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