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g_screen1Gravity. Something so simple, yet it holds so much power. What is it exactly? Well, it’s defined as the force of attraction by which terrestrial bodies tend to fall toward the center of the earth. Now you may be wondering why I’m talking about this, but it turns out that the new game G, by Soma Games, is all about gravity.

G is an arcade/puzzle game for the iPhone and iTouch platforms. It is  set in a futuristic Earth where the player builds and launches rockets to explore increasingly complex fields where obstacles, power-ups and gravitational bodies interact with the rocket’s path. The idea behind the game is that you’re on a spaceship and you shoot off sounding rockets to ping targets, which I suppose are some kind of treasure or space junk you’re looking for.

g_screen2First off, tap a button to bring up the fire control grid which allows you initially to adjust three variables:

  • The angle at which you’re firing the rocket
  • The impulse of the rocket
  • The burn time of the rocket

The angle should be self explanatory; you can shoot in 360 degrees around your ship, so you just aim in the direction you want the rocket to go. The impulse determines how powerful the rocket will be, and burn time is how fast the fuel is used up. You can even get rockets that have multiple firing stages, so you can adjust your aim in the middle of the path if necessary.

You start off with a certain scenario, and you estimate where you think you’ll have to aim the rocket and the amount of juice you’ll want to launch it with. After that, you adjust your aim,  impulse, or burn time to try and fit your rocket path. As you progress, you’ll quickly get the hang of things and as a result, begin to use fewer rockets for each level. You don’t have to hit all the targets and sound off on them in one flight path, but the fewer rockets you use, the more points you get.

g_screen3The main thing that affects your rocket though, is gravity! There will be asteroids or other large masses floating around in space, and you can use their position to your full advantage in order to launch your rocket. If not, it can be a hindrance and then it’ll be necessary to compensate for their pull on your rocket. Sometimes you’ll have to think creatively to plan your flight paths, but the physics and thinking aspect make for a very engaging game.

Now onto all the other parts of this game. G looks and plays beautifully, with wonderfully drawn backgrounds, and there’s much detail in the images. The art style is really unique, and they’ll really appeal to anyone playing this game. The sounds are well done too, with very believable effects, and a soundtrack that is pleasing to listen to. The dialogue is another aspect that’s well polished, with none of that cheesy generic voice that is so commonly found in other apps.


However, there are a few things that could be fixed up a bit in G. First off are the dialogue boxes. I find that they appear on the screen way too long, and as there’s no way to skip by them. Sometimes you’ll have to just wait until they go away, especially if you read the text rather quickly . Also, there are a few glitches that I occasionally encountered. The main one was when I opened up the game and everything was black except the fire control buttons. Luckily exiting and restarting the app fixed that problem.

G is an excellent game, well polished except for a few aspects. If the instructions were clarified a bit more (like what does the falling apple in the level select mean?), along with some other points, G would be an even better experience than it already is. It can be challenging, and those who aren’t too much into science might discover that they’ll be guessing just to get by each level, but anyone looking for a good puzzler should check this out.

G gets kissed by Touch My Apps.

Update: Soma Games has notified TMA that an update has already been submitted, one that addresses the issues we mentioned in our review of G (bug fixes, improved speed of tutorial and story line)


App Summary
Title: G (v1.0) Developer: Soma Games
Price: $4.99 App Size: 39.0 mb
  • Very crisp visuals
  • Gameplay is a blast
  • Really makes you think
  • Storyline fits well
  • Dialogue Boxes stay up too long
  • Menus are a little clunky
  • Minor Glitches


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