iLauncher – Giving you the Power to Obliterate your Enemies using your iDevice


Ever been in a situation where your mortal enemy was in the cubical next to you? The one individual who causes you to look inferior in front of your boss, because he completes his work on time while you’re desperately trying to slack off? Has the thought ever crossed your mind that if you had control of a missile launcher in the palm of your hand, you would cause his being to explode all over Suzie, that cute receptionist who refuses to date you? If you’ve answered yes to all of these questions and aren’t currently in a padded white room, iLauncher is the application for you.

Developed by to work with Newo’s (Dream Cheeky) USB Missile Launcher that you can purchase at Amazon, iLauncher gives you the mobility to move out of the, “Gore Zone” of the abundant blast radius and give yourself an alibi when those pesky government agents show up asking questions.


Before iLauncher’s creation, you were required to be at your computer to release your, “Missile of Righteousness” with the use of your trusty mouse. Of course, this left little question as to who was responsible for the dismemberment of a fellow coworker. While still requiring a computer with a USB connection to attach your missiles too, it’s the magical use of Wi-Fi that allows you to remote trigger your, “Cylinders of Justice” with your multi-touch device.

Simply download and install the free PC Missile Launcher control at, connect your USB Missile Launcher to your computer, link your iDevice to the same Wi-Fi connection as your computer using the iLauncher application and your ready for mayhem. The USB Missile Launcher comes with three (possibly megaton) foam projectiles that can cruise up to 20 feet. This great distance may come in handy if your target bears witness to your launcher before you’ve had a chance to release the, “Shafts off Destruction” and makes a break for it.


iLauncher is available now on the iTunes market place. TMA is not responsible for any injuries you or a fellow coworker might suffer while using the iLauncher application. Neither is TMA responsible for your ending up in a padded room because of any ideas you may have come up with from reading this article.


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