Wild West Pinball in Review – “Fill your hands, you Son-of-a-Gun!”


I enjoy myself a good western. Growing up, my parents would have a, “Cowboy Movie” on the old picture box all the time. My favorites were those that featured the, “Man with no Name” himself, Clint Eastwood and of course the one, the only, “The Duke.” There’s something mesmerizing about the old west, something you just don’t see in movies today. So when I heard there was a new western themed game out for the app store that included the magical game play of pinball, well you better believe I’m there, faster than you can say, “YeeH…..”(That’s right, I’m already there)

Wild West Pinball from developer OOO Gameprom is exactly what the title says it is a pinball game for your iDevice set in the Wild West. During the course of play, you will have an opportunity to swing by Joe’s bar, visit the local Indian Village, take a ride on the railroad, hunt down and kill a wanted man, and of course rob a bank, all the while trying to avoid landing in jail. You’re also building up your score to rank among the greatest Wild West Pinball players in the world with the online leader board.


Launching the ball into play requires you to simply slide back an old fashioned spring and release. You are able to place as much or as little tension on the spring as you like, but with the exception of only the slightest bit of stress, the ball is going to arrive at the same location on the board, the middle of the right flipper. Your flippers react perfectly in time to your thumbs request on the surface of the board. Although you never feel you have absolute control of the exact location your ball will go when you attempt a more precise shot. The option to bump the table in order to save a shot from falling into the dead zone or to continue adding riches to that ever growing bank heist is also available with the flick of a wrist.

The games look really gives you that old time Wild West feel. The board has a nice golden brown color scheme that reminds you of the Great Plains you’ve seen in history books and western films of the past. This is balanced with a red trim that allows the 3D board to pop of the screen. The sounds are reminiscent of those pinball machines of yesteryear causing you to feel you’re actually riding that train, robbing that bank, and standing toe to toe at high noon with that dirty outlaw as you draw your 6 shooter and drop him under the blazing sun.


If you’re looking for an easy to pick up and play pinball experience where you don’t have to commit a lot of time to find a few minutes of joy, Wild West Pinball is for you. The controls are ultra simple; you rarely find a situation where your ball is falling into the dead zone between the flippers. The looks of the game along with the nice sound effects have you feeling as though you’re in a movie along side, “The Duke” himself or in the arcades of the 70’s on a Saturday night dropping coins into the slot for another few minutes of fun. Plus you have the option if you so choose to hunker down and reach for the sky as one of the greats with the online leader board.

Wild West Pinball is missing a few key ingredients for fans of both pinball games and a more robust experience on their device. The offer of only one board is rather limiting, if the developer offered 3 or 4 variations on the Wild West theme it would go a long way to increasing the value of the purchase and lengthen the amount of time the buyer will spend with the product. For those looking for a little more depth in controls, you’re not going to find it here. The ability to bump your board is a plus, but when there’s no finesse in the launching of your ball or depth of control when directing it off the flippers, more serious fans will turn away quickly or never take the plunge in the first place. An option to have two or more players compete at the same time by handing the device back and forth would be a welcome addition as well.


For a quick game to pick up and play for a couple of minutes at a time with a nice western feel, you can’t go wrong with Wild West Pinball. Anyone else who is looking for depth of play or choice in boards you will want to hold off until the developer adds to the product or something better comes along.


App Summary
Title:  Wild West Pinball (v.1.0) Developer: OOO Gameprom 
Price: $0.99 App Size: 6.1 MB
  • Art design and sound give you the feel of the Wild West.
  • Easy pick up and play controls
  • One game board only.
  • No depth of controls for experienced players.
  • No concurrent play with a friend.


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