Defender Chronicles marching to an App Store near you

defenderchronicles_preview1Tower Defense lovers rejoice! Introducing Defender Chronicles, developed by Gimka Entertainment Inc and Menara games. This game is said to be a new twist on the Tower Defense genre; one that’s also blended with role-playing adventure elements. Just released was their first gameplay video, and this promising TD title will be out in May for just $4.99, so keep your eyes peeled! More screenies and video after the break…

Featuring unique character classes, painstakingly hand-drawn battlegrounds, multiple game modes, and an engaging storyline, players take up the role of a warlord who is destined to lead an army against the Orc and undead hordes.

Instead of the traditional top down view featured in most Tower Defense games, Defender Chronicles utilizes a 2-D side view of all the action, forcing players to think in a different way. Containing plenty of polish, this game looks to be one to hold your attention for quite a while. For more info and to satisfy that Defender Chronicles crave, check out their website here.

Onwards, soldiers!

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