7 Days Apocalypse Promo Code Giveaway! (Closed)

7days_promoTouchMyApps is giving 5 promo codes to the recently released 7 Days Apocalypse. If you’re fan of iDracula – Undead Awakening or simply can’t get enough sweet zombie action, you’ll love StormBASIC’s 7 Days.

Seven days. Only Seven Days to the coming of the Apocalypse!
An unknown virus called the S-Virus is killing the human population and turning survivors into carnivorous zombies…could there be any other kind of zombie?!

To win a copy of 7 Days Apocalypse, simply check out the video after the break and let us know what your thoughts are of this 3D zombie shooter. Winners will be selected randomly and the contest will close May 4th @ 4pm EST.

To double your chances of snagging a code, follow us on Twitter and tweet: RT @TouchMyApps – 7 Days Apocalypse Promo Code Giveaway! http://tinyurl.com/db33mj

Thanks for the comments everyone! If you didn’t win a code this time round, do support StormBASIC and grab a copy of this great game for $1.99!

Congrats to vrass, Daniel Novoa, @raoupp, VoodooVyper and @LostUtopian for winning a promo code for 7 Days Apocalypse. Enjoy!!

  • Zach

    This looks like so much fun!
    It looks like an upgraded version of iDracula and I’m loving the 3d graphics!

  • bhizzle

    Wow this seems tight! The graphics seem well done and it’s got a good theme to it.

  • Ben

    Zombies+Blood and guns, what’s not to love? Even if I don’t win I might pick this up.


    Looks very polished and fun, a bit like iDracula to me.

  • Casey

    Game looks awsome

  • leeac

    Wow, it looks so cool!

  • dude

    Well I love iDracula, I love 3d games, and I love Zombies, so for me, this looks awesome!

  • jacksonitup

    Awesome looking game. Looks like a better idracula.

  • VoodooVyper

    Great looking game, I loved the video. iDracula is my most played game at the moment.

  • Ian

    There’s nothing more exciting then hot chicks who kill zombies. This game looks like a lot of fun. lots of killing to be had

  • Ben

    From the video it looks like a more sexy iDracula to me 😉

  • Daniel Novoa

    Really Wonderfull. I’ve Always loved zombie games, although there isn’t many n the appstore this looks like the best one yet!.I Love the fact that the main character looks like elza from Biohazard (resident evil) 1.5!.Great 3D Graphics,Sound everithing is perfect.

  • yourofl10

    I LOVE (Resident Evil and Doom) and pretty good.Looks very fun and the graphics are very nice and looks like a pretty good game!

    Hope I win this!

  • Fletch

    Looks like a 3d idracula, but with enhanced gameplay elements. I also like how you can go to a first person view (though its probably useless in pratice)

  • SuperPaperSam

    I have hear a lot about this one. Never played a 3D shooter though :(. Hope I win :)

  • Ryan

    Wow! Looks like a cooler version of iDracula!

  • bowgui

    looks like one of the few 3d games on the iphone, cool

  • jutonik

    seems pretty fun

  • Stykman

    looks good like a super upgraded version of iDracula and when he is walking backwards is he floating??? :)

  • dawxxx666

    Looks really cool. Story line sounds interesting, controls are the same as in iDracula, animation is smooth – this game definitely rules :)

  • Jason

    This game is looking more and more amazing each time i see it. Great graphics :)

  • Gabriel

    I love how this game is like iDracula x1000. Amazing graphics is what really drive this amazing game

  • jojo

    definitely looks very fun. keeping my fingers crossed for code, but if i don’t win it, 1.99 seems very reasonable so i’ll likely pick one up.

  • Tony

    Like many of you, idracula is still one of the games i regularly play. From the video, 7 days apocalypse could be that next action game I’m looking for (lots of zombies and a sexy character :)

  • donkey_truong

    Its games like these that I don’t play with ma psp and ds anymore. Can’t wait to play 7days!

  • vrass

    Very interesting. The graphics are definitely more than what I was expecting the iphone to be capable of. The animation is also really well done. The whole thing kind of reminds of House of the Dead a little(not a bad thing>:)

  • iggyZ

    If 7 Days Apocalypse is even 75% as good as iDracula, I am pretty happy. From the video, it looks like it will not be a problem for this!

  • ricky

    can’t get enough 3D action games! And zombies to boot!!

  • Albert Chong

    I played 7 Days on my friend’s iphone and found it quite fun. I still prefer iDracula, but this is one zombie game that is still well made. The graphics are good and I didn’t find any noticeable frame rate issues. Hope I win :)

  • jawslover

    Since iDracula is so good, even if I don’t win i’ll get this!

  • Daniel Novoa

    Sorry I spelled My mail wrong!

    It’s [edited]

    Thats why I didnt get the code I put [edited] XD

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