Ro in Review- Tantalizing Puzzler

ro_5Puzzle games are practically made for mobile phone gaming. There’s just something about games that you can turn on, solve a puzzle or two and then turn it off. 

Here comes Ro. Ro is basically what a puzzler should be, and developers should follow this example in implementing new twists and concepts instead of solely producing tried and true games.

ro_1With Ro, you see a picture at the start of each puzzle. The image is split up into a series of irregular rings which are then scrambled. As the player, you have to rotate all the rings back into the correct position, thus solving the puzzle. This creative approach to puzzles is great to play through and finish.

Ro is a game that not only plays good, but it looks good as well. The images used in the game are nicely done. You have a good mix of graphic elements and photos to weave your way through. The images are all very crisp and clear, and players will be drawn to them. Sadly, you can’t upload your own visuals like in other puzzle games. As a result, it ends up being that you ignore the pictures and just focus on the rings, as each level is essentially the same except for the twist which you have to unlock.

 ro_3  ro_4

Rotating the rings back to where they’re supposed to be seems like a simple enough game, right? Well, each puzzle has a different pattern as to what each ring will do when turned. Each ring has a cause and effect path to it and you have to figure out what the rule is so that you can recreate the original image. The patterns progressively become more and more challenging as the game moves on, and later levels can sometimes end up as huge marathons due to the increase in level of difficulty. However, Ro does a good job of easing the player into the game, with the first few levels fairly easy to solve. Be prepared for the long haul though, as the difficulty sure ramps up fast!

That said, I feel that the game is actually too hard. In many cases, it simply ends up as randomly spinning pieces to get the right orientation, and going through the steps over and over again to solve the puzzle. A lot of times luck played a pretty big factor in the games I played. I’m sure some people love to go through and grind through levels, but if you’re put off by meticulous adjustments, then Ro might not be for you.

ro_2 The controls of Ro are very easy to use and you can play this game with one hand very easily. All you have to do is put your finger on the ring you want moved and slide it in the direction you want to go. Each move will take the ring a quarter turn and you can keep your finger on the ring if you want it to rotate even further. But as stated before, be careful as you have to watch out for a pattern! My only gripe is that sometimes I press the wrong ring, as the slivers you have to press are a bit too narrow. Sure, you can just rotate back in reverse if you make a mistake, but I feel that an “undo” button would be handy.

As far as the other aspects go, Ro does a good job. You can listen to your own music in the game, and some stats are tracked so there is good replay value. You can try to beat your time taken and the amount of moves used on each puzzle. However, the downside to this is that only 1 score per puzzle is kept. It definitely would be nice to see multiple scores, so as to prevent friends with superior Ro skills from wiping out your previous achievements with new high scores.

In the end, Ro is a unique and challenging game that looks and plays great. If you’re the type of gamer who enjoys puzzles that will have you thinking for a long time, then Ro is for you.


App Summary
Title: Ro (v1.0) Developer: Roamular 
Price: $1.99 App Size: 10.1 MB
  • In its own class of puzzlers
  • Great visuals
  • Will keep you going for a while
  • Can be rather confusing
  • Starts to be repetitive after a while
  • Puzzles sometimes solved by sheer luck, not strategy.


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