CozyQuest in Review- Community Quest

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Role Playing and Massively Multiplayer Online fans have consistently made up a large base of computer and console software sales in the last 10 years. Recently, the iDevice became home to a slew of so called “MMO” games infiltrating the App Store. These applications include iMob, Undead Live, Vampires Live, Dungeon Quest and iQuest. They all have one thing in common;  they are not real MMOs. CozyQuest is the first actual evolving MMORPG that has redefined the MMO genre for the iDevice and one that has arrived not a moment too soon.

CozyQuest’s developer Nils Munch, has crafted the most brilliant interactive universe and community on the iPhone yet. The game is set in the magical world of Eluna, where goblins, dragons, giants and dungeons populate the world.

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The first thing you will need to do is select a class and race. Your character is a combination of both, so it’s important that you choose the appropriate ones you if you want to possess and use certain powers and weapons. Classes are made up of the following:

  • Priest – uses his/her powers granted by their god to bring good to their followers
  • Merchant – has plentiful skills that come from earning and profiting. They are the only ones who can craft objects and barter
  • Rogue – spends time stealing from NPCs and other players
  • Mage – has an abundant knowledge of spell casting
  • Warrior – highly proficient in war and relies entirely on his or her weapon

cozyquest4The second part of entering the wonderful and ever expanding world of CozyQuest are several features which include going on quests scattered around the world (confined to the world of Felrona for the time being). All characters have weapons and armor they can buy at the blacksmith, in addition to the gear you can loot from monsters.

Completing the quests and stomping monsters raises the character’s experience points (XP). When you have enough XP, you gain a level and two extra character points for which you can use to increase your stats. TMA Tip: increase your endurance stats.

cozyquest5In the soon to be vast growing community of CozyQuest, there are also plenty of different skills to learn. Some characters are schooled in crafting lumber, manufacturing objects, fishing or in the craft of alchemy. Skills can also improve over time as they are utilized, so be sure to make use of them wisely.

Unlike some other MMOs, it is easy and not overwhelming to immerse yourself in the world of CozyQuest. There are no complicated controls; all you need to do is tap and go.

Some very nice and pretty graphics lay within CozyQuest. The backgrounds and monsters are well illustrated by talented artists. The clean interface of the main game screen is populated by colorful and pleasing icons signifying the different parts of the game. A very well designed layout which is currently growing by the day.

cozyquest6What I love about CozyQuest MMORPG is that it is really living up to its name on a continual basis. There is a living and breathing universe inside this pocket sized MMO, which I find to be incredible.There is a chat room for all players called the Salty Siren, newly implemented Guilds and even an auction house where players can buy/sell different items. A delightful new development is one where players have mailboxes that can actually be used to send any item from their inventory (including Gold) to other players.

The only negative aspects I have found thus far is that the quests do get somewhat repetitive and there are currently not enough objects in the game. This of course should be remedied via the constant updates that are planned by Nils.

I am really enjoying the exceptional feeling of community and enjoyable gameplay of the brand new CozyQuest. With its new daily expansions and added quests, you will be hard pressed to find a better MMORPG in the entire App Store. For the first time, players can experience what a truly wonderful world an MMO game can be in a portable gaming device. If you are a fan of MMORPGs or are simply looking at getting into the genre, CozyQuest is highly recommended and not to be missed.


App Summary
Title: CozyQuest (v1.011) Developer: Nils Munch
Price: $4.99 App Size: 0.5 mb
  • A real expanding MMORPG universe
  • Growing number of quests & monsters
  • A great sense of community
  • Quests & new game material are added daily
  • Chat room & Guild add to the overall enjoyment and MMO experience
  • Quests become rather repetitive at its current state


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