Witch My Wife in Review – Nothing Pretty About This View


For a measly 99 cents you can turn your second half into a real hag with Witch My Wife. Developer Portegno have included everything you need in order to prove to your mates and commiserators once and for all that you are married to a deadly pythoness. Yeah, they have a whole arsenal of proof-positive items: warty noses, spiders, cobwebs and nasty hats. Take a peak, but be wary lest you delve too far into sinisterness. 

That said, take a look below: my wife is a witch. In literally minutes, you can mangle the beauty of your lover as I have done or go further and necessitate the search for a new witch.

Portegno’s ingenuity in Witch My Wife is nearly boundless. From a usability perspective, it is a 99 cent tour-de-force. Great rotating, pinching, zooming and tinting options allow you to easily place an object anywhere on any photograph. But, the real kicker is the addition of smaller niceties. Firstly, when an object (nose, hat, etc.) is selected, an outer shadow droops around its edges. This effect makes it easy to differentiate which object is being manipulated and which is just sitting on top. You can place, replace, resize and ‘re-‘ anything really to any object. If you don’t like what you have done, simply select and use the bin icon to delete an object or move and abuse it till it fits.

review-entertainment-witchmywife-img_0006 review-entertainment-witchmywife-img_0007

Importing pictures for your dark study is as easy as a snap (if you own the iPhone) or a click in iTunes. Perhaps even more helpful, however, is the addition of layers. While not a complex Adobe Photoshop system, Witch My Wife employs two arrow selectors which enable you to pass an object above/below any other object. This touch makes all the difference for detail-sodden artwork. Of course, all objects at your disposal are high-resolution. You won’t blow up a spider and reveal pixels, but rather, hairy legs and claws that get sharper with every zoom – he outcome is simply a stunning visualscape. 

When all is done and you are happy/unhappy with your creation, get ready to save. Either send the picture to your Photos app or save and add to favourites. The former will place the picture in a new spot in your Photos page and the latter will do that as well as place the picture on a summerboard of sorts within Witch My Wife. There, you can select your favourites, boosting ones you really like with the up-arrow or chastising the odd ones with the tap of the down-arrow. 


With the addition of more objects, a mirror function and a needed ‘undo’ command, Witch My Wife could be that cute app that auspiciously and devilishly spices your married life (though I am sure it works with singles too). It is cute, easy to use, has great special effects and is a charm to use. Witch My Wife is a certain grab from TouchMyApps and at 99 cents, won’t force your newly made witch to turn you into a toad.


App Summary
Title: Witch My Wife (v1.1) Developer: Portegno
Price: $0.99 App Size: 8.1 MB
  • Intuitive interface
  • Hi-Resolution objects
  • Well-implemented zoom and pinch controls
  • “Beautiful” results
  • Brings out the creative beast
  • No undo or mirror functions
  • Needs more objects


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