Turkey Hunter 3D Promo Code Giveaway! (Closed)

turkeyhunter3d_promoTouchMyApps is giving away 10 promo codes for BeachWare‘s first App Store offering in Turkey Hunter 3D ($2.99). First released for the PC and Mac, Turkey Hunter now invades the iPhone/iPod Touch.

Save the day from the Turkey Invasion! Play through five separate levels of eye-popping 3D animated graphics and sneaky turkeys. Test your shooting skills as the turkey horde invades the farmyard, the suburbs and even the city. Match your wits with the fowl-tempered Turkey Boss and his aspirations of world domination.

For your chance to win a copy, submit a comment and give us your best caption for the screenshot above. Winners will be selected randomly and the contest will close April 29th @ 10pm EST.

We will also be selecting winners via twitter, so follow us (if you haven’t already done so) and tweet: RT @TouchMyApps – Turkey Hunter 3D Promo Code (10) Giveaway! http://tinyurl.com/ca5chj

Congrats to the following for winning a copy of Turkey Hunter 3D:

Irene, @appsniper, Jeremy, Nitish, bournecaindelta, bhizzle, @tapesworthy, @iamswitz, Mike T. and NO_NAME




  • DANimator

    In an alternate universe where Turkeys rule the earth, papa Turkey flexes his guns…

  • Irene

    As Papa turkey collect more eggs for world domination, Mama turkey is going to look for more nests to breed more eggs!

  • Nitish

    Thanksgiving Turkey Lives.

  • bournecaindelta

    Everybody is equal before the Law. Except Turkies. And some more Turkies.

  • bhizzle

    Ohhh the poor turkeys. Set in stone to die.

  • Jeremy

    Splattered Eggs

  • samir

    Sgt. Turkey arrives at the crime scene in his police cruiser to search for clues on the latest murder….

  • Zee

    In other news today, central park has once again been subject to turkey vandals

  • susan

    “Nothing beats turkey eggs! It’s deeelicious!”

  • gerry

    Papa turkey whips up some breakfast while his young’uns have some good clean fun

  • Mike T.

    the baby turkey finaly hatched from giant egg

  • G.I Moe

    Turkeys finally take over New York City.

  • tee-Back

    Apocalypse Now part II: Return of the living Turkeys

  • LarryW

    Chef Bamsey serves up another perfect sunnyside up…

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