Interview with StormBASIC – 7 Days Apocalypse

7days-shot-2TMA’s Candy L recently interviewed Antonio of StormBASIC for his brand new game, 7 Days Apocalypse. Candy is a big fan of B-movies & Resident Evil,  so she was excited to speak with Antonio about the impressive and action packed  Zombie game.

Antonio, as the developer for StormBASIC, 7 Days Apocalypse is one of the first 3D game of its kind of the iPhone. The controls remind me of iDracula and the story has a very Resident Evil feel to it. What are your biggest influences in writing the story for the game?

Well, I’m a really big fan of “B” horror films. I don’t know how many times I have seen the film BrainDead with my friends! We wanted make a fun and fast paced action game for the iPhone/iPod Touch, with some of these films ‘clichés’ (ie. Haunted House, Zombies, Dr.Cupper…).
One of our biggest influences for the game was “SmashTV”, a really funny survival game for the Super Nintendo, and of course the “Resident Evil” saga.

Controls! We implemented three different control systems for the game since playability is very important for us. Of course we have a lot of critics because the control configuration is the same as iDracula’s (and other iPhone games, but iDracula is the most well known in the genre).

In the game, the heroine is named Akemi. What is the story behind her character and how long did it take to complete her look for the game?

Moises Rios, the lead artist, wanted to create a really sexy Zombie-Slayer with an oriental look. As comic readers, we were influenced by great artists such as Joe Madureira and Top Cow’s Ballistic. It took us about 1 week to have the final look for Akemi!

I’ve never seen the fantastic behind the shoulder camera angle before in this type of game. How did you make the decision to even include this in 7 Days Apocalypse?

The iPhone/iPod is a machine with incredible graphics potential, why not use it? We had made it clear from the beginning of the project that the game will be full 3D. It’s bad for 2D graphics fans, we know, but it gives a lot of possibilities, such as a fluid animation and of course,this view! One of our team members thought that it would be great to have this camera view (a more personal one) so here we are!

The weapons in 7 Apocalypse are Dual Guns, Chainsaw and my favorite the Plasma Gun. Can we expect more with future updates?

Of course! We’ll add new weapons on following updates. They are a surprise!

Survival mode is very fun to play, but I noticed its only perks are high scores. Will you add more that include power ups besides health and the chainsaw?

We are already working on that! Our first game update (soon) will include more power ups and weapons.

Who is responsible for the great animation in 7 Days Apocalypse?

Again, Moises Rios. He is also a great animator and has worked on 3D films. We also work with external artists.

What updates can we expect for the game in the coming months Antonio? Any multi-player or new characters?

As said before, we are already working on the first update! The planned features for this update that will be released soon are:


  • Online global scores.
  • More weapons and items.
  • Extended missions.
  • Difficulty levels.
  • General fixes.
  • More enemies.

After that, more updates will be released but now I can’t specify about these game updates at the moment; we are evaluating 1,000 possibilities (well, much of them are from the players :)

Is it possible that you could add “Mission Packs” to the game to include more levels infested with Zombies?

Of course, additional levels will come with the future updates of 7 Days Apocalypse. Finally, if the game sells well, a second part with more scenes & complex history will come!

Antonio, I absolutely love the 3D graphics of this game. What Game Engine was used for 7 Days Apocalypse?

Its an in-house game engine called ‘EventHorizon’, which is the next step to our “StormBASIC Platform” game engine (also the one that we used in “Ankagua3D”). I could write a lot of technical data about it, but will be very boring! :)

Is there anything else you would like to add for the sake of our readers?

Yes, please buy the game and leave good reviews at the AppStore!

Seriously, for those who like the game, we have a lot of plans for this, but we are a small company with a very limited budget. So we can’t update much more of 1.1 version if the game doesn’t sell well. This is the case with Ankagua3D; we are almost finished with the 1.2 update, but the revenue for the game thus far has just covered development costs!

And finally for the people who finished the History mode in 7 Days Apocalypse… I promise the expansion missions that will come with 1.1 update will be REALLY difficult to beat!


Thank you Antonio for the interview! 7 Days Apocalypse is available at the App Store now for $1.99. If you love Zombies and want to shoot some down, there is no reason not to get this game. Go save Dr. Cupper now! 😉

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