Doodle Jump Review- As Addictive as Crack!

doodlejump1We interrupt this review to bring you the following announcement:

WARNING! Doodle Jump is addictive and will cause you to lose large amounts of your day.

Now back to your regularly scheduled review. Yes, this simple game of trying to make your little green alien jump to the highest platform possible is incredibly intoxicating. For everyone’s well being, I will include the facts and warning signs about Doodle Jump. I do this, so you can determine if yourself or a loved one is a Doodle Jump-aholic

The Facts
I feel it is my duty to inform you, the public, that the people responsible for such an addictive game are developers Lima Sky. Their hidden agenda is unknown but here are the facts before you decide to take the highest jump of your life.

  • Your mission: Jump your alien to the highest platform. If you fall, it’s game over.
  • Springs on platforms cause your alien to go even higher.
  • Brown platforms break, so attempt to avoid those.
  • There are monsters and UFOs in the game your alien must destroy by shooting them.
  • Higher levels include black holes that can suck your alien in so avoid them like the plague.
  • Replay value is the strongest ingredient offered in the game.

doodlejump2Controlling Doodle Jump (Use at your own discretion)

  • Extremely easy. Simply tilt your iDevice to make the alien jump from one platform to the next.
  • Tapping your alien will shoot pellets at the monsters.
  • Strategically using springs will take your alien higher as the platforms begin to move.

Warning Signs of Doodle Jump-aholism

  • The simple “doodle” graphics of the green alien haunts your dreams.
  • You begin to see green platforms for no apparent reason (clearly the game is very potent).
  • You may start to hear the very simple, yet effective sounds of Doodle Jump even when you’re working.
  • The sheer ease with which you are drawn into the game causes sleepless nights in your attempt to master it.
  • When holding a book or an object, you may try to tilt it by recalling what you learned in the game.
  • While watching sporting events on TV, you have flashbacks of the global leader boards and feverish international competitions.

doodlejump3In conclusion of our public service announcement warning for the extremely addictive game, Doodle Jump: I must stress that you have been warned! More and more of the iDevice public are succumbing to Doodle Jump-aholism. It’s possible that resistance is futile. I see green platforms as I write this and must leave now to beat my high score! (Deep sigh) My name is Candy and I am, a Doodle Jump-aholic. I feel no choice but compelled to give this game a “Grab it” rating.


App Summary
Title: Doodle Jump (v1.0) Developer: Lima Sky
Price: $0.99 App Size: 2.1 MB
  • Once you start, you may not be able to break the habit
  • Graphics are charming and appear hand drawn.
  • Replay value is sky high
  • Able to compete with players around the world in an attempt to improve your high score
  • You will become addicted to Doodle Jump


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