Ow My Balls! – Suffers a Crushing Blow


Not a fatal one, at least not yet, but a strong enough blow to pull it out of the game and off the App Store. Ow My Balls!, is described by its developers Jetson Creative as, “A comedy game that brings top shelf kicked-in-the-crotch humor to the iPhone and iPod Touch”. Yet there was nothing funny about the game’s release. Less than 24 hours after it’s eruption onto the service, it had to be yanked off due to a castrating crash bug hidden deep within its canals that play testers, “MariJane” and “Igor” along with others, were unable to find before its coming out party.

This was not the first obstacle; “My Balls” has had to overcome. In March of this year Jetson Creative received a rejection letter from Apple with their first attempted insertion of the game onto the market place. No details were given as to the reason for the blockage other than a reference to the “obscenity clause”. The developers withdrew for only a short time before emerging again with the version that spilled out this week.


No need to fear for the future potency of, “My Balls.” When contacted by TMA on the current painful predicament his “Balls” were in, self professed “Left Nut” Josh Michaels who heads up the team offered the following comments.

“My Balls are getting ready to explode. We’re anxiously awaiting our update being approved and hope the game will be in the store late next week or early the following week. If anyone is looking for something to do while waiting check out our website/blog. There are a bunch of great nutshot videos on there and the full backstory on the development of the game from the first build.”

So there you have it folks. Ow My Balls!, may have come out of the gate premature, but the developers have reached around their hands on the product and quickly gotten off an update to the app store. Stay tuned to TMA for future developments.

  • Candy L

    I don’t understand why men have to refer to their private parts so much? Should we have an app store app called “Ow my VajayJay”? lol

  • If there was an app by the name of “Ow my VajayJay” on the App Store, it would be Numero Uno in record time. haha

  • Nitish

    I’d Second that.

  • Haha

  • Candy L

    Ha! It would be number one for years! haha

  • Nitish

    Sure it will become “THE Game of the Century”. LoL!!

  • Nitish

    I received the PROMO code for this game from the Developers.

    Don’t understand much, there are no Instructions as to how to play the Game.

  • Nitish

    oops sorry i was too excited to play the game i didn’t realize i missed the instructions on the home screen..

  • I have a code for the game. Hadn’t realized you could cash in a code even if it had been removed from itunes for a period of time. I will have to cash it in and see how it plays.

  • Nitish

    Its a nice game played with it for hours till i fell asleep at 4am.

    Lets see if you can beat my All-time Score : 103275

    PS: Your Video about the Secret Agent was nice, however i didn’t understand the concept.

  • I haven’t gotten a chance to download it yet. My itunes account is attached to another computer. I will attempt to compete with your score when I get a chance.

    The concept behind the Secret Agent Slow Motion video was that, he was so slow that his wife was able to have an affair with another man while he was in the house, and he wasn’t fast enough to catch him. Thanks for checking it out!

  • Nitish

    I reached that score in 15 minutes.

    That video had a nice concept, Agent Slow Motion LoL.

    I think you have wonderful ideas for making those VDOs.

  • Oh wow! I will have to see if I can beat it within 14 minutes.

    Thank you! I need to come up with another idea so I can post up a new video.

  • kc!

    it’s BACK!! and fixed!

  • Hahaha….oh yes it is. Look for an interview with Jetson Creative head of development Josh Michaels very soon.

  • Nitish

    I got my Update.. 😀

  • Hahaha….yes you did!

  • Tik-tok08

    oh my balls lol how funnnyyy is that game oh balls omg

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