WordsWorth in Review – It’s FUNdamental!


WordsWorth, as you may have already deduced is a word game for your iDevice from 99games Online Private Limited. The object of the game is to connect as many letters together as possible, earning points and bonuses to get the highest score you can in the thirty levels provided.

The letters are placed on hexagonal pieces laid side by side in a grid that can range from 4×4 to 7×7. As long as the next piece is touching the last, you are able to move left, right, up, and down to create your words. There are two modes of play to choose from: “Timed” and “Classic.” In timed mode you are given a limited amount of it to reach the score required to advance to the next level. This mode is best selected for those who perform well under pressure and enjoy an additional challenge. Classic mode is for the individual who enjoys a relaxing afternoon sitting around their home (or office) exploring the number of spelling possibilities found on the game board.


If you find yourself without a word to spell, you have the option of shaking your device to bring in a fresh set of letters. This comes at the expense of a, “timed tile.” This tile will begin to countdown. If you don’t create a word utilizing it before the time runs out, your game is over. You also have a chance to earn bonus tiles. These tiles can improve your game by giving you additional points when creating a word or allowing you to bring in a fresh set of letters without suffering the dreaded timed tile. From time to time you will be given a random piece that can be used as any letter of your choice. You can also get a, “Buzzword” placed at the bottom of the board, which if spelled, will give you a large bonus and go a long way to gaining an even higher overall score.

The controls are simple. Place your finger on the first letter and snake it across the continuing letters until you reach the end. Lift your finger from the board causing the game to score your points, dissolve your letters, and replace them by dropping new ones in from the top. You also have the option of selecting each of the letters one at a time until your word is complete, than select the check mark icon at the bottom of the page and the game will do the rest.


Graphically the game is fairly basic. The selection screen presents you with a man wearing a top hat, standing in a library holding a stack of books with game options written across their spine. Once you enter the game itself, other than the hexagonal shape of the pieces, they look very similar to the color and design of scrabble pieces with the print and placement of the letter and number values appearing identical. The music is one continuous looping melody that appears to be one minute in length for the duration of the game.

Wordsworth is designed for both the hardcore and casual fan of word games. The option to choose timed or untimed along with the size of the play field goes a long way to put the choice of depth into the players hands. It’s easy enough for a novice to pick up and have a fun experience, yet offers options to a veteran who wants to dig in and challenge them self to continually reach for a the number one position on the leader board.


It could stand to offer a little more pizzazz in its presentation and some fanfare when you complete a level or get a better than average score would go a long way. Additional music or the option to pull in songs from your ipod would be welcome. The music is nice for a menu, but not an entire game. An option to play with a friend either in the room or online would increase the value exponentially. A weekly, monthly and all-time leader board exists and is nice for comparing your skills, but playing with others is twice the fun or more.

If you’re an avid fan of word games, you will enjoy what WordsWorth has to offer for the length of time it takes you to get through the 30 levels and reach for the top of the all-time charts. A novice will appreciate the ease of the casual mode and options to play using smaller grids. Eventually though, both sides will wish there was a little more to the presentation along with additional choices in music and game play. Until that time, I recommend you give WordsWorth a, “Tap.”


App Summary
Title: Wordsworth (v1.4) Developer: 99 Games Online Private
Price: $1.99 App Size: 9.6 MB
  • Options available for both a novice and experienced fans of word games.
  • Leader boards to compare your scores with.
  • No option to play against an opponent in the room or online.
  • Simple presentation, could use a little more pizzazz.
  • Short looping music that runs through the entire game, no option to use devices ipod music.


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