Thanks a Billion – Apple’s Billion App Contest Closes


Okay, so which TouchMyApp reader won? Was it you in the Where’s Waldo hat? Probably not. The odds for winning fit somewhere just below getting struck by lightning whilst accepting a Jackpot Lottery ticket and being saved from a death-jump by flying pigs.

The now closed contest has been a great appreciative move by Apple toward App Store customers and a charitable opening for those who don’t want to buy apps but still participate. Well, the contest is over and the time for retrospect has begun.

In just nine months, Apple have facilitated the download of one Billion apps, created a rapidly growing sub-niche within software development and made some very rich people. This has largely been accomplished amidst a worldwide economic downturn where buyers are protective of their outgoing funds. Success of course has hinged on many factors such as hype, viral marketing and simply fine programming.

Sites like ours and many others have sprung up with their own unique flavours to cater to readers who cannot quench their thirst for more and more apps. In these past nine months, I have personally been overjoyed, overwhelmed and incensed at some of Apple’s approval decisions, but overall, the App Store has blessed the internet, mobile phone users and geeks of all persuasions with a cheaper, more environmentally friendly method to play games, read books and enjoy a digital lifestyle.

  • VoodooVyper

    I like how they thank us by only giving out 4 prizes, one of which being a ridiculously high $10k gift card.
    Why not give out 100 $100 gift cards? I can’t imagine ever using $10k in iTunes in my entire life. The card will probably land in the lap of some 10 year old iPod user who happened to download a lite version of iFart and never intends on using the iPod ever again.

  • Candy L

    12 year old I believe. A child actually did win!

    I would have no problem having a 10k gift card! I would gift away and never worry about paying for an app or game for eons. lol

  • VoodooVyper

    Wow the result was even worse than I thought. Not only did Apple have only 4 prizes available, but they all went to same person!? Cmon Apple, how is that saying thanks to the millions of customers by giving ~$15k worth of stuff to one person?
    Btw I think it’s brilliant to have an iPod Touch as one of the prizes because obviously the person who won by downloading the billionth app (keyword) didn’t have the device to use it with…

  • Well, no matter that only one kid won everything, it was a nice move by Apple.

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