Quotationary in Review – That’s What She Said!!


Some apps in the App Store are just for fun. Some are for educational purposes and then, there are those like Quotationary which exist to make you look like a scholar or a jerk. Quotationary hoards 30 000 quotes presumably from the internet but one can never know for sure. Inside, you will find thoughtful meditations, meaningless jabber from people you thought were silenced, jokes and many more items to devour.

For 1.99$, there is a lot of content to play with – enough that you don’t have to worry about ever completely finishing the text. For starters, Quotationary features search, quiz and word look-up functions – features that exist in many electronic dictionaries today and should be implemented into more applications. Indeed, it is entirely possible to make a word-study based search for quotations in just a few seconds.

Touted in the App Store is the new feature: text to voice. All of the quotes contained in Quotationary can be vocalised. What does this mean in reality? If you want to impress someone that your iPhone can sound remeniscent of a 70’s science fiction TV show, there is an app for that: Quotationary. For your amusement, I have included a sound bite that illustrates the quality of the voice files using a quote that I am sure we can all appreciate.

For NBC’s ‘The Office’ MP3

You don’t need internet connection to use Quotationary, but if you have access to WiFi or to a data plan, Quotationary has a great online search too to uncover more about the author of the quote. If anonymous, results won’t be as helpful, but otherwise, you have instant access to wikipedia and many other resource-heavy websites that contain historical information. Excellent.

There is also a nice feature: Trivia. Yep, on those heady nights of alcohol, Twister and a circle of friends who want a bit of action, whip out Quotationary’s. Trivia displays a quote and gives you a list of authors for you to choose from, but only one is correct. Is it fun? I am not that easily entertained, but some may really enjoy chasing quotes around the ones and zeros of their iPhone. 

What Needs Work?
So what are some problems that face users of Quotationary? At times the search function can take a long time. Considering the large database it must stroll through, that is fair enough, but on a simple search for ‘that’ I happened to crash the app, and my iPod Touch. This was after a good restart to play Car Jack Streets (winking smiley). Other than that time, I have had no trouble with stability, but I have decided against searching for often used four letter words. 

What a great app. For a penny shy of 2$, you can smarten up your speeches, essays, pick up lines and soliloquys. Search is not always fast and some may experience stability issues – not that stability is paramount among many iPhone apps. In closing, Quotationary is a great app that is worth its price and worth a Grab from TouchMyApps. If you don’t trust us, try the lite version to get hooked!


App Summary
Title: Quotationary (v1.2) Developer: Michael Thomason
Price: $1.99 App Size: 9.6 MB
  • Intuitive interface
  • Smooth & Responsive
  • Powerful and useful tools
  • Beautiful results
  • Lacks hue/brightness options


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