iSwap Faces in Review- Plastic Surgery Without Going Under The Knife + 2 Promo Codes

iswapfaces11In all that is arty and fancy, Photoshop has become a standard for editing and manipulating images. Many of the less essential abilities of Photoshop have now made their way to the App Store. A fine example of a feature we’ve all come to love is the ability to swap faces with anyone or anything using the tools that are at our disposal with Photoshop. This feature can now be added to the arsenal of photo editing apps for the iDevice, in the name iSwap Faces.

iswapfaces2iSwap Faces enables you to swap the faces of any 2 people in a photograph. This task is accomplished using masks (there are 3 in total- you can choose the one that best fits the head shape of the person you are swapping). You are given the option to either take a photo, or load one from your camera album. Then, 2 masks (green and red) are placed on the picture. In order to swap the two faces, you must reposition and resize the masks to fit the contours of the heads.

Unfortunately, this is iSwap Faces’ weakest link. I found it fairly frustrating to position each mask exactly the way I wanted. Sometimes when I would try to move the mask (by dragging from the center of the mask), I often found myself either expanding the width or increasing the height of the mask by accident. Instead of the arrow outlines over the masks that you must follow to resize it, I would have preferred the ability to just freely resize the mask without the arrows by using the multitouch feature (similar to Juxtaposer – where you can freely resize the image). Another gripe with iSwap Faces is that if for some reason you wanted to resize a mask after you’ve successfully swapped faces, the app automatically adjusts the other mask as well. Needless to say, this can be rather time consuming as you will have to resize the other face once again. 

iswapfaces3There are 3 options that you use to make your final result look as good as possible. The first is the ability to choose the mask shape (which I’ve already described- 3 in total). The other option is the mirror effect which is the one that swaps the faces. By selecting this option more than once, you are able to flip the position of the face (to turn the face either left or right). The last option will lock the masks into place so you can get a better look at what the final result looks like before saving it. You can also switch between the original and edited version of your picture by clicking the “Show Original” tab at the top right hand corner of the screen.

iswapfaces4In future updates, I would like to see a different way to resize the masks because I find it tedious in its current state. I would also prefer if both masks didn’t adjust when attempting to make modifications to only one (after they’ve already been swapped). Lastly, it would be great if the user could save the faces and use them on other images in the camera roll. 

iswapfaces5To sum it all up, iSwap Faces is a fun concept to get a few laughs out of friends and family. It gets the job done for the most part, though not as effortless as I would have hoped. Nonetheless, it’s still worth a Grab It rating if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to see what you would look like with your friend/wife/husband/significant other’s face and vice-versa (yikes!).


App Summary
Title: iSwap Faces Developer: Black Frog Industries
Price: $2.99 App Size: 0.7 MB
  • Quick and easy way to swap faces with people
  • 3 types of masks to best fit the faces
  • Resizing and repositioning of masks can be tedious and annoying
  • Not able to save faces for use in other photos


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