3-Point Skills Challenge in Review – Get your Craig Hodges On!

3-pointsskillschallenge_pic1From the brains at Punch Entertainment comes part of the NBA’s All-Star Saturday Night… sort of… the 3-point shootout! You pick the player of your choice, and try to drain as many rainmakers as you can. No real need to learn any rules (just the controls), and you’re on you’re way to making it rain (3-pointers).

One of the much anticipated events of the NBA All-Star weekend is the 3-point shot competition. The event pits the best long-range shooters in the league in a frenzied competition to see who can sink the most 3-point baskets in under a minute. The winner of the tournament style competition claims the title as the 3-point king of the league. 3-Point Skills Challenge attempts to capture all that magic and shove it all into a nice little app for your iPhone/iTouch.

3-pointsskillschallenge_pic2The game developers were unable to get any licensing from the NBA, and so have created 60 players for you to choose from. They claim that each character from Airball Al to Trifecta Terell is based on an actual NBA player, but good luck trying to find any true resemblances. When going through the list of characters, you’re able to drill down on their specific information which includes their height, weight, 3pt %, FG %, years pro, and their rating. Once you’ve picked the shooter of your liking, it’s time to drain some 3’s!

3-pointsskillschallenge_pic3Like most 3-point shooting competitions, that aim is to sink as many 3-point baskets in an allotted amount of time. 25 basketballs are divided into 5 shooting areas (ball racks) outside the 3-point line. Each basket made counts 1 point towards a final score. In each of the 5 ball racks, the last ball of the rack (coloured red, white, and blue), is known as the “money ball” and is worth 2 points. The maximum amount of points you can possibly receive is 30. Not only do you have to sink shots, but you have to do so in 60 seconds.

3-pointsskillschallenge_pic4Game controls are extremely simple, in fact there’s only one button to touch during regular game play, the basketball located at the bottom right of the screen when the device is held on its side. Touch the basketball once to grab a ball from the rack, and then touch and hold the ball again to initiate a shot. It is this second touch that determines your shooting prowess. As the shooter begins his jump, he releases the basketball only when you’ve removed your finger from the basketball. The trick is to release your touch of the basketball as your shooter reaches the height of his vertical leap. Each character in the game differs in the height of their jump and the cadence of their 3-point shot. It’s up to the game player to learn and master their favourite players shooting technique. That being said, sometimes mastering your favourite shooters cadence is disrupted by lag, making it pretty much impossible to use your researched correct shooting rhythm.

The app offers various modes like quick play, exhibition, and tournament. All of which don’t really change the gameplay, but rather the amount of time you could potentially be playing for. There is also a practice mode to help fin tune your ballin’ skills. One of the clever things I wanted to point out is the developer’s use of advertising space throughout the arena to advertise their company and other games developed by them.


App Summary
Title: 3-Point Skills Challenge (v1.0) Developer: Punch Entertainment, Inc.
Price: $1.99 App Size: 4.5 MB
  • Basketball on the iPhone/iTouch!
  • Pretty good graphics
  • 60 shooters to choose from
  • Sometimes laggy/choppy animation
  • No true depth, just 3-point shooting


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