Tag Games Car Jack Streets Diary? We’ve Got Videos


Yeah, a little YouTubing around the ol’ world wide web and I happened on a few exciting videos that prove Tag Games are really up to something beyond hyping a product that Apple are holding onto! Well, we all knew that anyway, but this four-part video diary gets dirty with plot, design, music and gameplay and what really sets Car Jack apart from both its competitors and its forbears.

Dev Video Diary 1: Meet the Tag Games team and their collective thorn.

Dev Video Diary 2: Paul Farley gets down and dirty on how to cram massive games such as Car Jack Streets or GTA into the tiny and powerful iPhone, but he doesn’t let up without giving up some of the plot!

Dev Video Diary 3: James Bryan follows an impressive cops versus gunman visual extravaganza with subtle hints about the iPhone’s prowess not only as a console but as a platform to code for.

Dev Video Diary 4: Wrought with strange appearances from the likes of “evil server guy”, this final part is killer funny. However, Tag’s Paul Farley steals the show with with his skinny on music selection for Car Jack Streets.

There is obviously too much to look forward to when Apple finally raise the garage door for Car Jack Streets. I hope this video collection is making the wait even harder!

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