Spawn Illuminati in Review – A Plethora Of Colors To Excite Your Senses


With over 250 fart and jiggle apps saturating the App Store, many of the finer apps are belittled by the stench. Not every application in the App Store has to be about shooting, fighting, or something repulsive to be unique. Spawn Illuminati by Toni Sandler demonstrates that an application can simply shine with particle effects.

Toni’s app lets you create visually appealing works of art right on your iPod. You don’t need any artistic talent whatsoever to make a masterpiece of patterns and effects within just seconds. The different types of pictures that can easily be created using Spawn Illuminati is staggering. Using one or more options that Spawn Illuminati has to offer, you can whip up a fantastic image in no time. 


There’s basically an unlimited number of effects that can be created using the options that are at your disposal with Spawn Illuminati. Any attribute of the particles can be altered to create beautiful scenes. Among the options are: including size, color, swirl motion, tail speed and they way particles follow your finger. Some of my favorites include mixtures of abstract and blur modes which create a fog of invigorating color. Toggling particle effects on and off for each particle is easy. There are many actions that you can trigger using either one or two fingers. For example, touching three fingers on the screen at once brings up the main menu. By toggling the size action on, you can either increase or decrease the size of the particles by simply ‘pinching’ with two fingers on the screen.

When the in abstract mode and you increase the size to maximum, particles literally look like flying pieces of clay that are shaped like metal rods. To capture the greatest moments while they’re occurring, just bring up the screenshot button which is in the main menu and snap away. That means no fumbling around with the sleep and home buttons to take screenshots; you can get the perfect picture every time! The potential of what can be created using Spawn Illuminati is amazing. No, it can’t compare to Da Vinci’s artwork, but Spawn Illuminati sure can make the coolest iPod wallpapers on the face of the Earth.

review-entertainment-spawn-illuminati-spawn3 review-entertainment-spawn-illuminati-spawn4

The particles move on their own whether or not you are interacting with them. Even without touching the screen, you can ‘create’ outstanding results. When you move your finger on the screen, the particles will follow, all the while abiding by their settings to create intricate designs. The newest update brought a fantastic new feature: microphone support. Those with the iPhone can enjoy an entirely new experience by having the particles dance along and react to the rhythm of music. 

review-entertainment-spawn-illuminati-spawn5 review-entertainment-spawn-illuminati-spawn6

Spawn Illuminati is unique in the essence that you can have a better time watching particles fly around your screen than repeatedly clicking the same fart sound over and over again. I can stare at this app for hours in amazement without even having to lift a finger. Words can’t truly describe Spawn Illuminati, you have to try it out to experience the dazzling light show. My only complaint is that I noticed some moments of lag following the most recent update. Still, Spawn Illuminati is definitely worth a Grab It and is a prime example of the capabilities and potential of the iPod outside of a personal soundboard. 

App Summary
Title: Spawn Illuminati (2.11) Developer: Toni Sandler
Price: $2.99 App Size: 0.8 MB
  • Fantastic visuals and effects
  • Creates beautiful wallpapers
  • Toggle-able options the visual effects
  • Endless replayability
  • Microphone support
  • Laggy Movements


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