Shouting at the Coach: Manage Your Football Club to Hit App Store Shelves


31 March 2009, Sports Director, creator of Football Director for the DS, announced their upcoming title which is slated for release in quarter two of this year. Football fans, its time to queue up for this exciting addition to fantasy football at the App Store. That is, fantasy football meets The Sims. Manage Your Football Club (MYFC) is a deeply rooted strategy football game aimed at satisfying both power mongers and hooligans. You can play anywhere, make all pertinent decisions for your squad and choose the path to glory as your take the helm of your favourite team.

MYFC touts a proprietary engine and an amazing array of exciting features.

  • Play as one of any team available in the four main English football leagues.
  • Easy in-game control & navigation, utilising familiar iPhone & iPod touch gestures.
  • Accurate and up to date team, player and match data.
  • Monitor & control your club’s finances.
  • Negotiate player contracts & wages.
  • Buy & sell players on the transfer markets.
  • Satisfy the fan’s confidence in you and the team.
  • Increase your buying power by filling your stadium with fans on match days.
  • Train your squad to their maximum fitness & ability as a team and individually.
  • Set match strategies by specifying formation, roles and tactics.
  • Scout youth teams for up and coming new talent.
  • Hire & fire back room staff.
  • Watch matches unfold with live text commentary.
  • Track & follow the ball’s pitch position on match days with the ball radar.
  • Help screens available at all times.

If the above is not enough to whet any ravenous appetite you have for managing top teams, then Sports Director’s pedigree and focus should. Their DS title, Football Director has already garnered success and whuffie from review sites, but rest assured that the iDevice version is definitely not a cheap incarnation. With realtime text commentary and a polished GUI interface, MYFC is aiming for Soccer Manager‘s throat and the top football managing title in the App Store.

With access to the every team from the top four divisions in UK football from the Premier League to League 2, MYFC is comprehensive. We will be updating TMA as more information is available. In the meantime, check out gameplay footage from PocketGamer:

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