Toki Tori Hands On Preview- Egg-Tastic!

tokitori_preview1Once in awhile a game comes along that is unexpectedly impressive in gameplay, graphics, controls and most importantly, fun factor. Chillingo’s egg-cellent upcoming platform Toki Tori is such a game. Toki Tori’s journey began as a Game Boy Color game back in 2001 that eventually made its way onto the Nintendo Wii via Wii-ware. Now the egg-citingly adorable Toki is set to debut on the iDevice!

Toki Tori is a delightful platform/puzzle game that features the eggy hero Toki, who is trying to rescue his friends from egg entrapment. The game features an egg-normous 70+ levels and is no ordinary platform game. The last time I had so much fun playing a platformer was when I played Super Mario many years ago. Toki Tori is jam packed with well designed levels and challenging puzzles that even experienced players can appreciate.

tokitori_preview2In order to prevent Toki’s pals from becoming scrambled eggs, you have plenty of helpful and cool items to use throughout the levels! They include:

  • Telewarp – Beam me up Scotty…Tap to warp Toki to the destination of your choice
  • Bridge Builder – Tap to build a bridge for little Toki to cross
  • Freez-O-Matic – Cold as ice baby! Put the deep freeze on enemies
  • Brick Switch – Won’t get bricked again… Toki can place brick obstacles behind him
  • Ghost Trap -  Ghost busting! Toki can trap Ghosts
  • Slug Sucker -  Slugs suck… Toki can Vacuum them away
  • Instant Rock -  Toki throws a little pebble & a Rock is born… Reach those higher places he couldn’t before
  • Bubble Suit – Bubble Toki… Now he can float in the deep waters

tokitori_preview3Toki Tori’s clever controls make each level a pleasure to play. When you tap on Toki, you have a cursor which allows you to move him in a variety of different directions. You can also give him a head start on his rescue mission by moving the cursor with your finger to his egg buddies. Toki, will actually follow your directions and accomplish more than one task at a time.

Toki’s graphics and sounds are shaping up to be amongst the best I have seen on the iDevice. When I left Toki standing idle, he started to do a few hilarious animations that included:

  • A cute little dance
  • Waves his hand at you to get your attention
  • Looks around with his binoculars
  • Whips out a map

tokitori_preview4The graphics of the enemies are also incredibly well done and as a result, they really come to life. This game sets an egg-ceptional standard with the amount of sheer effort that has gone into the design so far.

I found the music in my preview copy to be outstanding. It was catchy and did not seem to be repetitive. Toki Tori has a full fledged soundtrack which I enjoyed listening to even when I wasn’t playing the game. I sure hope all 80 levels in the full version will include this.

tokitori_preview5The puzzles, gameplay, graphics, soundtrack and Toki himself are sure to wow a ton of gamers from young to old. He could be egg-actly what platform fans have been waiting for. I predict big things for Chillingo’s Toki Tori on the iPhone, so keep a very close eye out for the little egg-straodinary Toki! He’s coming soon to an egg-store, (Ok, I’m getting a bit carried away here) umm I mean, an APP-store near you!

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