Sally’s Spa Review – Sally’s Back!

review-game-sallysspa-ss-pic1Yes, this is the same Sally from Sally’s Salon and she is back with a Spa! Sally’s Spa was a Best Selling casual & Time Management game for the PC/Mac and I can see why! There is a lot packed into this game. Don’t worry if you have already played Sally’s Salon, because Sally’s Spa is even better, baby!

Sally, who is taking it easy after the huge success of her Salon franchise is vacationing with her friend Nell who tells Sally that her neighbors used to run a Spa but retired, and since then her Spa Product shop hasn’t been doing so well. A light bulb goes off in Sally’s business mind and she decides to buy the Spa.

review-game-sallysspa-ss-pic2Sally’s Spa starts off with one location in Laguna Beach, California, but in time will expand across the world. Each Spa franchise has five levels. In order to make each of Sally’s Spas a big success, you have to make sure you tend to the customer’s every need. This is achieved by keeping them happy, maintaining a speedy pace, upgrading items in the Spa, hiring employees and keeping a careful eye on the mood of each customer. As in Sally’s Salon, you have customers such as male models, brides, rich demanding people, moms, athletes, business people, fashionistas and more.

You will have to meet a certain financial goal to progress to the next level and if you go over that goal, you will achieve an Expert Level. You start off with only a few customer chairs, a Blue Sauna Station, 2 Esthetician chairs for facial treatments and one Orange Massage Table. Customers will have boxes over their heads indicating where they want to go – all you do is drag them to the right station.

review-game-sallysspa-ss-pic3You have to pay attention to the customer’s faces when you are giving them facials. Be sure to apply the mask etc when they are smiling to make them happy and you will gain a bonus heart! Also keep watch on their level of hearts that appear over their heads. If the customers run out of hearts, they will leave the spa! You won’t get to Expert Level even with the loss of just one customer.

You will want to make enough cash so you can upgrade! You can buy cool stuff for the Spa like Sauna stations that take half the time and hire employees to help you. Believe me, these employees’ help A LOT, so save up because they are expensive! Eventually the challenges become more difficult and you get a lot more customers.

review-game-sallysspa-ss-pic4The controls for Sally’s Spa are pretty much the same as Sally’s Salon, but with a few differences such as the Hot stones and massage treatments. The simplicity of the drag & tap controls is great. This is a good game for children too. The graphics are much better than Sally’s Salon too! Everything looks very sharp, crisp and is colorful. I like the colors of the Spa’s equipment, the customers themselves and love the animation. A++

I adore the soundtrack because it’s very soothing and is the type of music you would actually find at a real life Spa. Sally’s Spa is not too hard but does give you enough of a challenge. It didn’t frustrate me and the upgrades gave me a motivation to try harder. The addition of Sally’s friend Nell who sells her products is a great enhancement to Sally’s Spa. This will appeal to both genders and all ages.

Some players might find the Sally’s Spa too hectic in later levels but that’s the only negative that I found in the game.

review-game-sallysspa-ss-pic5Sally’s Spa is one of the best time management Games I have played by far. If you love this genre, you are going to really dig Sally’s Spa. It is a lot of fun and has plenty of game content that keeps you busy instead of bored. For those reasons alone, I am giving this game a well deserved Kiss It Rating!


App Summary
Title: Sally’s Spa (v1.1) Developer: Games Cafe, Inc.
Price: $2.99 App Size: 0.5 mb
  • Currently one of the Best idevice time management Games
  • Super easy controls
  • Fun & challenging game play
  • Appeals to both genders & different ages
  • Things become pretty hectic as you progress


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