Next iPhone Rumours Get Sharp, Really Sharp – HD on your iPhone


The HD iPhone has been added into the grind as rumour mills expect new Apple mobile hardware in the next few months. According to Phonenews, Apple are clawing in their current generation iDevice-compatible AV cable accessories. Vendors are asked to liquidate Apple’s shitty shifty prior iDevice AV cables that harbour encryption chips which as of OS 2.0, disallow cheaper 3rd party options. The new cables are purported to allow both composite and component outputs which older versions did not.

The reason that Apple is doing this has been confirmed by The next generation of iPhone and iPod touch will make broad and sweeping changes to HD display capacity on the devices. First, Apple will likely offer at least one version of the iPhone and one version of iPod touch with an even higher resolution screen, targeting both Microsoft’s Zune HD, as well as HTC’s Touch HD and Touch Pro2. [via phonenews]

HD rumours are contingent on a couple of unresolved issues. Firstly, for Apple to include HD playback on the iPhone, they will have to secure HD compatible graphics cards. Apple’s current supplier, Imagination Technologies have recently released an HD display unit capable of operating at 50mW that is perfect for application in mobile phones. This PowerVR chip is powering Samsung’s flagship, the Omnia HD which has been given podium time in recent press releases that tout it as one of the first true HD capable mobile phones.

The second issue to resolve is driver support for HD playback. Without proper software drivers, even the new fandangled graphics chips won’t be able to display lowly DVD resolution videos. If Apple deem HD support a customer demand [sic], we will see HD in the new iPhone if they don’t sit on their laurels for too long. Even if they do however, Apple are extremely lucky in that no other mobile manufacturer has the App Store, nor do they have mobile OSX. HD on Windows Mobile or Symbian becomes a marketing feature only as fewer and fewer developers are making quality apps for either platform.

Visit Imagination Technologies’ homepage to learn more about PowerVR.

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