Car Jack Streets VS Payback: Breast-Wars’ Precedence Long Reach


In the tradition of GTA, Car Jack Streets (CJS) is a sandbox RPG littered with carnage, death, loads of nefarious opportunities and controversy. Developer, Tag Games, are not new to to the App Store nor mobile gaming, but this mercenary driving game will be their first big hype title to hit the iDevice download shelf. Even Payback maker, Apex Games have jumped the gun and released their own competitive, “welcome” to Tag Games – more details to follow. In any event, TouchMyApps is ready to parade some of the sights and sounds of CJS that are sure to draw attention.

The Sights
Stunning is a word that comes to mind whilst driving down the mean streets of CJS. Colourful, candy-coated and detailed, Tag Games aim to impress with their graphics engineyet. The shock of seeing cartoonish graphics in a violent, eff-the-man type of game recurs every time I boot up, buckle up and book down the streets. Quite fortunately, the mix of 3D and 2D is done well enough to ben be taken seriously, yet also mix well with a good dose of tongue-in-cheek humour that is prevalent in CJS. As with any game, some are going to love the look and others are not. In either case, there is no denying that CJS sports a unique and to some degree, jaw-dropping visual design. On the downside, the handshake of 2D and 3D means that though framerates are constant, they are not as smooth as full 3D games.

preview-game-carjackstreets-img_0043 preview-game-carjackstreets-img_0044

Surprises that stem from an engine that needs a bit of tweaking come in various forms: citizens and cops have walked over my car; and once or twice, my bus was forced off route by a tiny coupe. It is obvious that preview copies have some kinks, but considering the release state of many high profile apps, the uncrashable Car Jack Streets is well set to perform.

The Sounds
Astonishing. From my very first car jack, I fell in love. Similar to GTA, the radio changes depending on what car you happen to kick into, but better than GTA are the excellently crafted songs, some of which are very catchy. Take a listen to the two tracks below – I hope you enjoy them.

Emo Radio
Rap Radio

What’s new
CJS has a serious twist: it is played in realtime. That means that if you shut it off tonight at 9 PM and wake up at 6 AM to play, the game will have made the same temporal transition. Considering the plot (spoiler warning) whereby every week you must make 50 large (is that the right lingo?), it seems to be an easy-to-swallow decision. Play it whilst on the bus; play it at the pub after having been turned down again despite your Tag body spray – play it when and where you want with freedom because its clock is realtime – you don’t have to split hairs over a game clock that races by.

What game would be complete without a little of this? Well, considering that new ground for violence and unruliness is not being broken in Car Jack Streets, what possibly could be stinking up its imminent launch? Apple? Apex Games? In this either/or situation, I am unable to point fingers, but according to the App Store, Car Jack Streets has been available since around the 17th of April without having officially been launched. We have covered name-changing tactics by competitors before, but even prior to release of CJS, Payback’s creators are prepared to capture the dosh of the unwary.

Unfortunately, this sort of advertisement is rampant at the App Store and can both make or break developers. Whether enabled through Apple’s negligence or from straight competitive malice, the below result seems trite. I would hate to see a Wobble vs iJiggles style spat break out between two serious developers.


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