Glyder in Review – Come Fly With Me

review-game-glyder-glpic1Developer Glu has created Glyder, one of the most beautiful games I’ve ever played and I guarantee you will love this game if you have ever wanted to soar above the clouds. I feel the same when playing Glyder as I would fly in past flying dreams. Let’s get ready for take off!

In Glyder, you are Eryn, a girl who has been sucked into a dimensional rift into a world that is not her own. Your objective is to take control of her glider and help her explore the magical surroundings.

  • You will fly above the majestic Rift Valley
  • Dive bomb through the Dark Pinnacle
  • Discover the Lost Kingdom
  • See the wonders of Ambrosia
  • Collect Crystals which open new areas of the game & lands

review-game-glyder-glpic2 Because Eryn has this wonderful Glyder strapped to her back, you can literally do all sorts of fun gliding tricks like power dives and thermally-powered sky high soars. Eryn has to collect as many crystals as she can as she flies over 6 beautiful lands and fulfill missions to earn achievements and unlock a portal home!

review-game-glyder-glpic3 Glyder’s control take a bit of getting used to but aren’t frustrating at all. To start Eryn flying, gently tilt your idevice downward to make her descend from the platform. Tilt your device upward to make her ascend. Easy huh? When she dives too close to the ground or the ocean, a warning indicator will ask you to pull up! Tilt to your left and right to make Eryn fly in either direction. This is good for flying through the caves.

On your left is the speedometer and on your right is the altimeter. Pay careful attention to both because if you crash you will have to restart that level again. Tapping on the small chest in the upper left corner pauses Glyder so you can check your accomplishments.

The graphics of Glyder are splendid with lovely animation and beautiful lands! The game wouldn’t have been so enjoyable if not for the amazing visuals that the graphics give to the player. The soundtrack is a thing of total beauty that lulls you into relaxation! A+++ to Glu for including a perfect, Zen-like music in Glyder.


Glyder is a great experience because it is so incredibly cool to fly freely over the 6 different worlds! You have to play Glyder in order to really get the true experience of its beauty. Also, I like that you are not flying around without any purpose. You have many missions to accomplish, and many crystals to collect – so there is plenty to keep you busy.

The only thing I didn’t like about Glyder is that missions are short. Even so, I found myself, at times not even caring about the missions or collection crystals because all I wanted to do was glide around the heavens forever…

review-game-glyder-glpic5People, who love flying games and good quality games in general, are really in for a treat with Glyder. There is no violence or blood but there is a plentiful sense of freedom in a magical world without boundaries. I have to give Glyder the highest rating of Kiss It.

Please note that Glu games are on sale currently, so grab Glyder for $0.99!!


App Summary
Title: Glyder (v1.0) Developer: Glu
Price: $1.99 App Size: 7.9 MB
  • Gorgeous Beautiful Graphics
  • One of the most unique idevice games ever
  • Peaceful hypnotic soundtrack
  • Many missions & Achievements to accomplish
  • Even after completing all objectives, Glyder is still enjoyable
  • Game is on the short side


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