Vampire Origins Exclusive: One-Line Interview with the Director


Chillingo, publishers of many acclaimed iPhone apps, are dripping fairy dust all over the web today with screenshots of the upcoming title, Vampire Origins. As tight-lipped as the Count himself, Chillingo’s director Chris Byatte informed us that this title is to be: ‘an advanced “point-and-click” adventure’! Because TouchMyApps’ power of deduction is impressive, we have sussed out that ‘Origins’ will be the first in a dark trilogy of games from Chillingo.

[more screenies after the jump]

How ‘advanced’ and what sort of ‘point-and-click’ will Vampire Origins be is anyone’s guess, but we simply don’t care – it’s all we can do to feast our eyes and imaginations on Chillingo’s lovely images. Is this pre-rendered static or does the iPhone finally get to flex its graphical muscles in an advanced 3D engine? Whatever the case, sink your teeth into these screenshots and tell us what you think.



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