iQuest Promo Code Giveaway! (Closed)

iquest_promoiMafia,iVampire, iMob and i(insert here) fans take notice! TouchMyApps is giving away 5 promo codes for the recently released MMO iQuest. TMA’s Candy L reviewed the game and thoroughly enjoyed it, even finding it to be one of the best MMOs at the App Store. For your chance to win a copy, submit a comment and tell us which MMO (massively multiplayer online game) you’ve enjoyed the most thus far on your iDevice. If you have yet to play one, let us know why you’d like to give iQuest a try. Winners will be selected randomly and the contest will close April 20th @ 10am EST.

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Congrats to the five lucky winners who get to play iQuest free courtesy of Better Day Wireless:

@iamSwitz,  MasterN13, No_Name, Jeremy and @Stykman1

Enjoy the game!


    I like The Quest the best so far, it’s massive and there’s a lot of things to do, 50+ hours of gameplay! There’s also a large degree of customization ability and many many quests to do and things to master. (It has it’s own manual that takes up more space than the actual game!)

  • SuperPaperSam

    GALCON!!!!!!!!!!!! Galcon is the best game ever! I have owned it for 3+ weeks and I still play it all the time. My favorite part about Galcon is the online mode (even though I always lose :( ) But it still is a amazing game and I recommend it to everyone.

    P.S. They change the pricing all the time so try to grab it at $0.99 like i did 😛

  • erwin

    after playing with it the past coupla days, I gotta say UniWar is the best online gaming experience for my iphone 3g right now. can’t wait to try out iquest tho

  • Stykman

    I hve to say uniwar too because the game is amazing. The multiplay online mode is great although it takes people like years to make a move 😉

  • Jeremy

    I would like to try iQuest because I love games that have a lot of weapons and seem really cool

  • ricky

    I’m not really into online games, but after checking out the review, it looks like a promising and fun game

  • Jason

    My fave Ipod MMO has easily been EpicPetWars. It’s not just the same old thing all the others were, and it has a great UI.

  • Mazda.Man

    This game looks promising because you don’t need to have friends to do good. Looks pretty as well :p

  • VoodooVyper

    Not much into iMob or iMafia or any of the other 19 million ‘i’ prefixed “morpg” text based adventures, but this one seems fun. I like the polish but it just bothers me that we can’t see a real RPG game that uses those same elements for their menu systems.

  • MasterN13

    Right now i really am into Imob its a great game and very addicting

  • Jon barnett

    Right now i really am into Heroes Battle a brand new game which is just awesome …. its a great game and very addicting

  • Bessamy

    I haven’t tried a MMO game yet. This one sounds like the one to start with. I love the detail of this game and the fantasy storyline.

    Thanks for the chance!

  • Daniel Novoa

    I’ve liked the MMO’s from playmesh i have played them all especially Racing live it’s very fun.
    My Favorites are
    1)Racing Live
    3)IMafia New York
    4)IMafia Los Angeles
    Then again i would like to try Iquest because I love MMO’s!

  • samir

    iQuest looks good. love fantasy mmos and this one seems like it’ll keep me busy for a long time

  • mikey

    A friend told me about Heroes Battle Online and I’ve been playing it for better half of day. Solid MMO imo with lots of replay value. Hope iQuest is just as good!

  • Susan Lee

    Epic pet wars!! Its so cute!!! The iQuest code is for my bf (if i win)… he loves these kinds of MMOS.

  • Ryan

    I would have to say Galcon (if it counts) It’s the best multiplayer game on my iPod, and probably the best actual game on my iPod.

  • thanks guys for your support on Heroes Battle !

    you can check here if the game is cool for you :


  • bowgui

    I’ve never played one, but it loooks like a fun thing to play :).

  • Brendon

    I would like to try iquest because i have no experience with MMOs on the iphone, and it seems like it is a very well put together game.

  • DonBurns99

    None of the iMob/iMafia/iVampires/iWerewolves/iZombies/iPlants/iWhatever have had any interest to me, mostly because of the pay-for-points system some of them have. Also, because most involve having to give out (spam) some sort of member code to progress in the game.

    iQuest doesn’t seem to contain either issues above and it also seems to be more of a traditional RPG, which I tend to prefer. ^ ^

    (Shin Megami games aside, of course, as those are anything but traditional.)

  • jawslover

    mine would probably be agency wars because of the great interface, and all of the choices

  • andy789

    just got my ipod recently and the only games I have on it are bejeweled, ishoot and zenbound (with lots of free lite games). iquest looks like something i would like to try out though (never been much of an online gamer)

  • randybam

    UNIWAR has a great online system for turn based strategies… of the best i think for the ipod and iphone. iQuest looks good too. Can’t wait to try it

  • Al

    I stopped playing the imobs and ivampires long ago after all the spam. iquest doesn’t seem to have this so I would like to play it

  • John B.

    Racing Live!!!

  • bobby

    had high expectations for Watchmen MMO, but it was a complete let down and haven’t bothered with any online capable games since.

  • DANimator

    Not sure if this counts. Reversi Online Tournament :)

  • MasterN13

    Yay I won! But I didn’t the code yet is that normal?

  • Louis

    You should have received code by now in your inbox :) Enjoy!

  • This just makes me wish there were WoW for iPhone…

  • iQuest can be found in the Apple App store for only $2.99. It’s a fun game for fans of multiplayer and fantasy. The storyline is basically to acquire the throne and the kingdom by thwarting the evil creatures that killed the last king.

  • sem

    I still have not tried this game out. A friend of mine told me he was hit with a load of spam after playing for a little bit. Anyone else faced the same problem?

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